Monday Music Quote: Krall-All Or Nothing At All

"Love songs last because they are about feelings that don't change."-- Diana Krall

There is a song, All Or Nothing at All that was written in 1939 by Arthur Altman and the music by Jack Lawrence... do you know it?

Here's the chorus:

Am  Am+7              Am7     Am6 Am#5
All     or nothing at all;

Am   Am6  Am7           Bb9      Bb6   Bb+   Bb7
Half  a  love never appealed to me.

Gm      Em7-5 A7-9         Dm
If your heart never could yield to me,

          G7          G7+5        Cmaj7 C6  Bm7  E7
Then I'd rather have nothing  at  all.

Am  Am+7             Am7     Am6  Am#5
All    or nothing at all --

Am      Am6  Am7            Bb9          Bb6  Bb+  Bb7
If it's love,  there is no in-between.

Gm              Em7-5   A7-9           Dm
Why begin, then cry for something that might have been?

         G7         G7+5       Cmaj7 Bbm7 Eb7
No, I'd rather have nothing at all.


      Ab          Ab+        Ab6
But please, don't bring your lips 

    Ab+           Ab    Ab+   Ab6    Ab+
So close to my cheek;

Eb7    Ab      Ab+     C#   Ab        Eb9 Eb+ Eb7
Don't smile or I'll be lost beyond recall.

 Bbm7   Eb7
The kiss in your eyes, 

    Bbm7/F          Eb7/Gb           Bbm7    Eb7    Gm7-5
The touch of your hand makes me weak,

 C7     Fm             C#7        C7
And my heart may grow dizzy and fall.

         Am  Am+7                        Am7     Am6
And if I fell    under the spell of your call,

Am                       Bb9  Bb6   Bb+   Bb7
I would be caught in the un - der - tow;

Gm      Em7-5     A7-9       Dm  Dm+7  Dm7
So, you see, I've got to say no.

Bm7-5  E7   Am Dm7-5    G7sus4       C   C6
No,    all           or nothing at all.

So, when I play this song, here are the chords I am using:

Bb9 = BbAb/CD

Bbmaj7#5 = BF#/AD


Gm6 = E/GBbD

Eb7/G = G/DEbB

Bbm7 = Ab/DbFBb

Db9 = DbF/CbEbAb

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