Gospel Keys Bundle Package

Dear Gospel Lover,

Are you someone who is absolutely in love with gospel music?
I mean, you hear it on Sundays during the church service,
listen to it in your car on the way to work, and recite all the
songs of your favorite artists(...Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin,
Vickie Winans etc.) word for word. If this is you, you're going
to absolutely love what I just found out.

I think the only thing better than listening to gospel music
is actually playing it yourself (...letting the spirit come
from within). Now, you can do just that. You can play virtually
ANY of your favorite Gospel songs on the piano and now the
organ by EAR in no time!

Click Here, Gospel Keys Bundle Package

My friend Jermaine Griggs over at GospelKeys.com has taught
more than 189,000 gospel musicians around the globe to reach
their wide range of musical goals using his infamous GospelKeys
learning method.

The GospelKeys series breaks down hundreds of licks, tricks,
and techniques into detail and is very easy to understand.
It's like having a professional instructor ready to teach you at
any time in the comfort of your own home.

Click Here, Gospel Keys Bundle Package

No matter what style of Gospel Music is your favorite: Hymns,
Congregational Songs, Slow Worship, Up-tempo Praise, Shouting
music, Urban & Contemporary, he's got you covered!

Here's the best part. In celebration of the new year, Jermaine
decided to slash the price of his entire GospelKeys Box set by
more than 50%.You heard right, you can get this one of a kind
Gospel Instructional set of DVDs for less than half of the normal

Jermaine told me this deal is will only be available for
3 days after you've read this. SO...

Start playing Gospel music TODAY!

Click Here, Gospel Keys Bundle Package

All the best,



Learn Rich, Jazz Piano Chords

Jazz Piano Chords
Learn Rich, Jazz Piano Chords

Chord Piano Techniques Covered:

  • Rich and fat chords that you can apply to any style of music
  • Suspension chords that gospel piano players use
  • Tensions and chord alterations
  • Major, Minor and Dominant chord patterns
  • My "Wonder" chord (5 chords in one!)
  • Tri-tone chord substitutions
  • 2-5-1 chord progressions
  • Upper Structure Triads
  • Intervals and their application
  • Rootless chords
  • Learn to play piano by ear using these chords
  • "Real World" examples of jazz standards
  • Much, much more


Learn Jazz Piano

Jazz Piano Complete

Learn Jazz Piano

From Scratch!

Dear Fellow Musician,

I've been asked by many of you for a JazzPianoLessons.com "Complete" Package. Well, here it is!

This new JazzPianoLessons.com Complete package includes 16 of my most popular DVDs along with 2 Bonus Discs, Hanon Mastery and Jazz & Gospel Exercises.

If you have been searching for a complete 'soup to nuts' solution for learning Jazz Piano on your own, this new complete package will prove to be the best purchase you've made.

-Willie Myette

Happy New Year! Happy Piano Playing!

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