Martha Munizzi- God is Here

A musician buddy asked me for the chords to this song, God Is Here.
I found the chord chart on LGM posted by Lauragal

Here are the chords for Martha Munizzi's version:

Key of Bb


There is a --- Bb
sweet a- --- Bb/D
nointing --- Eb
in this --- Bb/D
sanctu- --- Gm7
ary, there is a - Fsus
Stillness -- Bb/D
in the --- F/Eb
atmosphere --- Bb/D
Come and lay Bb/D
down the Eb
burdens you have - F/Eb
carried for - Eb/D
in this sanctu- - F/G
ar - Bb/Ab
y, - Eb/G
God is Eb/F to F/A
here Eb/Bb

He Bb/D
is C/E
here F
He is
here Bb
to C/E
break the yoke and - F
lift the heavy Eb/F
bur- Eb/Bb
en Bb
He Bb/D
is C/E
here F
He is
here Bb
to C/E
heal the hopeless heart - F
and bless the Eb/F
bro- Cm7/Bb
ken Bb

Come and lay
down the Eb
Burdens you have F/Eb
carried for Bb/D
in this sanctu- F/G
ar- Bb/Ab
y Eb/G
God Eb/F to F/A
here Eb/Bb to Bb

The very end "Speak Lord, Speak Lord" chord changes:

Bb to Eb/Bb to F/Bb to Eb/Bb

Clip from

The song on YouTube, God is Here by Martha Munizzi

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