How To Compose and End Songs

How To Compose & End A Song With Chord Progression

My friend and piano instructor, Yoke Wong has posted a video tutorial on YouTube.

This video shows you how to compose
and end a song using a group of chords;
C maj - Ab maj - Bb maj - C maj.

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Slow, Soulful Blues Piano - Gospel Blues Piano

 I love the sound of slow, soulful blues. Listen to Willie's amazing piano playing... love the style.

Slow, Soulful Blues Piano - Gospel Blues Piano


My friend dazza from the zone community at hear and play sure can play the blues! You will learn so much from dazza's piano tutorial on playing slow blues. I have posted a chord chart for his chord progressions. Those quick grace notes add such a cool sound!

Learn this at:
, plus loads of free videos on how to play piano

* Chord Chart

Pick Up - (r.h. notes) Bb, B, D, E



C C/Bb, (Eb), E G, (Bb, B, D, E) (C9)

D D/F# C D (D7)

/ D Bb, C A

G D/(Bb) B G

E E/Gb D G (E7 add9)

A A/G C# (A7)

D D/F# C (D7)

All the best,

 -- LadyD I Write for Fortitude. Fortitude is for people who write with passion.
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Performance and Practice

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 11:  Schoolgirls Kaila ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

There is a perception that performing and practicing music are two different activities.
Certainly learning the principals of music is an important exercise. That way true performing can be done.

The relationship between performing and practicing is deeply joined together.

Performing itself becomes the greater learning experience because there is tremendous energy that is experienced during a live performance especially in front of a receptive audience.

When the performer picks up on the audience’s energy it seems to push him to new heights of artistic achievement.

Once you experience the adrenaline high of performing before a live audience that thrill becomes enclosed in each practice time.

The true purpose of developing musical ability is evident and the focus of practicing the piano changes.

Now the performing becomes a true learning experience and practicing becomes a preparation to concentrate and magnify that experience.

And so the musician has become an artist bringing artistic discipline to his practice time.

You’re gaining greater control of your instrument and maximizing your overall performance.

You are experiencing true transformation from being a musician to becoming an artist.

Aware of your greater improvement in concentrating, you now have ease in performing. It’s what we call “soul.”

Perhaps this sounds complicated but as music is something that we artists enjoy, practice should be enjoyed, too.

Now you are soaring and taking important steps towards new heights of artistic achievement.

My piano recitals over the years are more than a performance for the musician but rather a family gathering to be enjoyed by all, especially the young artist playing his or her well practiced piece with heart and soul.

One year I gave each one of my piano students a sports bottle with music symbols on it for a gift from teacher to student. The recital was a huge success and the music sports bottles were well received! 

 Just a different perspective on performance and practice.

-- LadyD I Write for Fortitude. Fortitude is for people who write with passion.
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Willie Myette: 24 Piano Lessons

 A graduate of the renowned Berklee School of Music, Willie Myette has become a popular jazz entertainer and instructor in and around the revitalized music scene of Providence, Rhode Island. While perfecting his musical craft, he has launched the JazzKids program, a fully-developed instructional concept that has brought jazz performers as young as 6 years old to the stage and surprised and delighted crowds of unsuspecting listeners.

Easy piano lesson with Willie Myette

Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy 4th!

-- LadyD I Write for Fortitude. Fortitude is for people who write with passion.
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