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I was so excited the day I found out that my article: "Can You Harmonize The Melody?" had been accepted and added to the directory.


Upon viewing my article, I had discovered that I was about to embark upon a new journey of HTML codes and typing drafts in Microsoft Word. So, this is my way of making the latter half of my first article make sense.
Determine chords to be used and analyze the melody notes. Follow chart to see which chord is used with each melody note of a major scale. Play these notes all at the same time: (melody note is on top)

C E + G + C
D F + A + D
E G + C + E
F A + C + F
G C + E + G
A C + F + A
B D + G + B
C E + G + C

Mary Had A Little Lamb

G+C+E (Ma)

F+A+D (ry)

E+G+C (had)

F+A+D (a)

G+C+E (lit)

G+C+E (tle)

G+C+E (lamb)

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Learn To Harmonize The Melody

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Welcome To Piano Diana!

This is my story:

I started taking piano music lessons when I was 8. I loved it so much that I decided when I grew up that one day I would like to be a piano instructor. I've been doing this now for over 10 years. I teach piano lessons for adults, for beginners and for children. I also have had some wonderful experiences playing with various worship teams for over 30 years. I have 2 keyboards. One is a Yamaha DGX-220 and the other is a Yamaha Motif ES8. I like the rhodes sound on Rolands and Korgs. But I absolutley love my motiffff! I love all music, especially jazz, blues, gospel, worship and Christmas music. In this video, I am playing my old upright piano that my Mom bought me to start out with. It's 110 years old and still working with not one broken string! Have fun learning the piano! ~ LadyD

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