Top Ten Jazz Piano Books

 Lately, someone had asked me my opinion on music resources, like Dvds and music books, that I would recommend to them whether it was for purchase or visiting their local library for their own research.

Here are my choices. I hope you will find them helpful. Perhaps They're in your music room as well.

1. The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine

"The Jazz Theory Book should be in every musician's library regardless of the level of their ability." -- James Moody
The Jazz Theory Book

2. Keyboard Runs for the Pop & Jazz Stylist by Noreen Grey Lienhard 

"Noreen Grey Lienhard has performed with such jazz luminaries as StanGetz and Joe Morello. She has taught at William Paterson College in Wayne, New Jersey and at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut." -- Noreen's Bio
Keyboard Runs for the Pop & Jazz Stylist

 3. Jazz Improvisation for Keyboard Players Complete Edition by Dan Haerle

"Improvisation, almost a lost art in some styles of music, is the freest form of expression, of the human spirit." -- Dan Haerle
Jazz Improvisation for Keyboard Players: Complete

4.  The Jazz Piano Book by Mark Levine

"One of the best jazz piano books I've ever seen - very easy to understand."
-- Kenny Barron

The Jazz Piano Book

5. How To Play Jazz and Improvise by Jamey Aebersold 


"Music is universal. If you have a desire to play, you won't be satisfied until you do. I hope this book has helped you achieve some of your musical desires."
-- Jamey Aebersold
How to Play Jazz & Improvise. Volume 1 (Paperback Book & CD Set)

6. Beginning Jazz Keyboard by Noah Baerman

"Anyone with basic keyboard skills can dig right in and begin learning jazz right away." -- Alfred Publishing Co.
Complete Jazz Keyboard Method: Beginning Jazz Keyboard

7. Jazz, Rags & Blues by Martha Mier

"Jazz is an important and distinctive American contribution to the 20th-century music." -- Martha Mier
Jazz, Rags & Blues, Book 2 (Alfred's Basic Piano Library)

8. Jazz/Rock Course by Bert Konowitz

"Jazz and rock music are an important part of today's musical scene, yet they play only a small part in most pianist's formal training."-- Bert Konowitz
Alfred's Basic Adult Jazz/Rock Course (Alfred's Basic Piano Library)

9. Beginning Jazz Improvisation (Intermediate Level) by Lee Evans

"Lee Evans as a professional artist has blended the performance of classical music and jazz in a most successful manner." -- The Publisher
Beginning Jazz Improvisation Intermediate Level (Piano Music)

10. New Orleans Jazz Style by William Gillock

"One of the really significant contributions of the twentieth century to music... and a strictly American development... is the jazz idiom." -- William Gillock

New Orleans Jazz Styles (Willis)

These are the top ten jazz books in my library. Yes, I have some more but I thought it would be a good idea to introduce these ones to you. As I mentioned earlier, perhaps you'll find them at your library, order through Amazon or find some in a used book store.

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All the best and happy learning,
"Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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