Esperanza Spalding On Piano Jazz

Awhile back, I posted some music information regarding Esperanza Spalding. You know, the beautiful bass player... You can read more at:

Well, just in case you missed it on April 17th, Esperanza's appearance on Piano Jazz can be viewed at:

Set List

* "Jazz Ain't Nothin but Soul" (B. Carter)
* "Midnight Sun" (Hampton)
* "Just Friends" (Klenner, Lewis)
* "Portrait of Esperanza" (Marian McPartland)
* "Body and Soul" (Green, Heyman, Sour)
* "Prelude to a Kiss" (Ellington)
* "Clothed Woman" (Ellington)
* "Blue Ink" (Leo Genovese)
* "Look No Further" (Rodgers)

* Esperanza Spalding, Kate McGarry In Concert- 2008

"Esperanza Spalding graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2005. She's bursting with talent as a singer, a composer and a bassist, and her facility and big tone have led to her advanced placement in the jazz scene. Now promoting her new CD, Esperanza, Spalding has appeared on the cover of Jazz Times and played on David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel's late-night shows.

Spalding was born in 1984 in Portland, Ore. She was mostly home-schooled, and when she entered high school, she was unhappy. But it was there that she picked up a bass, and it gave her life direction. She did some touring and recording with pop and hip-hop bands, but a full scholarship — plus travel money raised by some of her friends — pulled her east to Berklee College of Music, where she now teaches. Among her many accomplishments, Spalding won the Boston Jazz Society scholarship for outstanding musicianship in 2005 and made her JazzSet debut in Joe Lovano's band."

"...24-year-old bassist and vocalist Esperanza Spalding recently became the youngest instructor ever at Berklee College of Music; she already has two albums out as a leader."

* My Favorite Photo and Comments of Esperanza Spalding

"One day I went into the high school, into the high school that I went into, and the bass was just — it's kind of funny, it was kind of heavenly, you know?" she says. "I walk into this room, and it literally — it's kind of below street level, and light was shining in, and the bass was just there with no case on it, because they just bought it. And I walked into the room and picked it up and just started playing.

"And at the same time, my music teacher came in and showed me basically what a blues form was, and I just kind of started making anything up," she adds. "And pretty much from that moment, I said, 'Wow, this is — in these five minutes, I'm enjoying this music more than I have the last 10 years on the violin.'"

Instant Communication

Spalding says that the spontaneous connection she made that day remains a formative moment for her conception of jazz today.

"That's like the vein of jazz," she says. "It's that ability to immediately be able to communicate with someone that you don't know. And in those first five minutes of this instrument that was completely foreign to me, in a way I touched right upon that vein. I mean, I hit it, I hit that nerve. Now, after nine years, everything I've learned about jazz kind of all comes back to that first realization in that room."

Learn To Play Piano- JazzEdge

With modern technology, you can learn how to play piano via YouTube, live chats on numerous online musician forums and now Talk Radio. I have found Willie Myette's music sites, uploaded tutorial videos on YouTube and his websites to be very informative. If you're looking for an online piano teacher, Willie is the one I recommend.

* Learn the piano - Radio show - 4/9/2009 pt1

* Learn the piano - Radio show - 4/9/2009 pt2

Part2 is where the meat and potatoes are if you're looking for a recipe to play the blues... Here's some good points to remember form this video:

* Chord Structure

1. A minor
2. D minor7
3. F7 ( F/Eb G )
4. E7
5. A minor7

Willie goes on to explain turnarounds. Like taking the last two measures of the blues form, changing it to other chords that take you back to the beginning. Turnarounds are not just found in blues but in pop songs also called "the hook." Last summer I posted on my other site "Gospel Turnarounds". If interested, you can see it at,

Stay with the video and you'll learn about Willie's Quartal Groove, natural 6th minor,

A B F#

We can stay on this subject of quartal grooves for a long time, but that's another post. In fact, you can browse through this post if interested in quartal voicings.

Have you heard of ghosting notes? That's where you're playing shorter and softer than other notes, E G# C/ F Bb D

I would like to extend the invitation to come aboard Willie Myette's online site! - Signup for 50 hours of FREE Piano Lessons.

Martha Munizzi- God is Here

A musician buddy asked me for the chords to this song, God Is Here.
I found the chord chart on LGM posted by Lauragal

Here are the chords for Martha Munizzi's version:

Key of Bb


There is a --- Bb
sweet a- --- Bb/D
nointing --- Eb
in this --- Bb/D
sanctu- --- Gm7
ary, there is a - Fsus
Stillness -- Bb/D
in the --- F/Eb
atmosphere --- Bb/D
Come and lay Bb/D
down the Eb
burdens you have - F/Eb
carried for - Eb/D
in this sanctu- - F/G
ar - Bb/Ab
y, - Eb/G
God is Eb/F to F/A
here Eb/Bb

He Bb/D
is C/E
here F
He is
here Bb
to C/E
break the yoke and - F
lift the heavy Eb/F
bur- Eb/Bb
en Bb
He Bb/D
is C/E
here F
He is
here Bb
to C/E
heal the hopeless heart - F
and bless the Eb/F
bro- Cm7/Bb
ken Bb

Come and lay
down the Eb
Burdens you have F/Eb
carried for Bb/D
in this sanctu- F/G
ar- Bb/Ab
y Eb/G
God Eb/F to F/A
here Eb/Bb to Bb

The very end "Speak Lord, Speak Lord" chord changes:

Bb to Eb/Bb to F/Bb to Eb/Bb

Clip from

The song on YouTube, God is Here by Martha Munizzi

Jazz Piano- Willie Myette- Talk Radio and Gospel Piano

I signed up for Gospel Piano and love playing this arrangement of Amazing Grace!
I especially love the fact that you can stylize the song, change the rhythm and give it a blues ending. Amazing Grace is a very popular song for this Easter season and always!

Gospel Piano - Amazing Grace 4

"Listen to Willie Myettes April 7 internet radio show about jazz piano and learn piano with Berklee grad professional musician teacher and author Willie Myette. Willies fun, no pressure, informative approach to piano has taught thousands of musicians how to be more creative in music and take their piano playing to the next level. Join our radio show to get your questions answered live!"

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Dealing with Copyright Infringement

Awhile back, my friend wrote a beautiful song. Then he heard his song being played over in Japan. I got to thinking about Copyright issues after I saw someone rename one of Bruce Hornsby's song... This is what I learned from a friend's article.

* Dealing with Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is a big problem on the internet. What's worse, the content of your website is the easiest thing to steal. Just search with part of your content as keywords and you'll find out that a lot of your content has been copied without your permission.

* Getting Copyright

(The following must not be considered legal advice. If you need legal counsel, please check with your lawyer.)

Article by Akinori Furukoshi of

As you know, copyright protects your work. In most countries, copyright is automatically in effect at creation. So you don't have to register your work. However, registering your work with a government agency is the best way to prove you're the copyright owner in a court of law. Practically, it's worth paying for registration when you've written a book, but it's not worthwhile for a small work, such as a newsletter. In that case, you should opt to use "poor man's copyright," which means you mail a copy of your work to yourself via the postal system and keep the delivered mail unopened. This is a strong argument for establishing that the contents of the unopened mail were created before the date of the postmark on the envelope. (Still, you shouldn't treat this as a replacement of registering work with the copyright office.)

* Taking Advantage of Infringement

The grim fact is, whether you have a copyright or not, people will plagiarize your work whenever they want to. Otherwise, the use of file sharing software wouldn't have become a problem. I'm not suggesting that you let people get away with it, but that finding a way to turn infringement into promotion of your site is more important than protecting your products. For example, you can use all sorts of copy protection techniques, but if it causes too many problems in using your products, you'll lose paying customers. On the other hand, if you let people copy some of your work, your site will get more popular as more copies are made. (This is called viral marketing.)

Knowing that someone is stealing your work is quite irritating, but keep your focus on taking care of loyal paying customers, not the people who steal.

Copyrights (Songwriters)
What is a Copyright? As a songwriter do I need one?

COPYRIGHT 1) n. the exclusive right of the author or creator of a literary or artistic property (such as a book, movie, or musical composition) to print, copy, sell, license, distribute, transform to another medium, translate, record or perform or otherwise use (or not use) and to give it to another by will. As soon as a work is created and is in a tangible form (such as writing or taping) the work automatically has federal copyright protection. On any distributed and/or published work a notice should be affixed stating the word copyright, or copy or "c" in a circle, with the name of the creator, and the date of copyright (which is the year of first publication). The notice should be on the title page or the page immediately following, and for graphic arts on a clearly visible or accessible place. A work should be registered with the U. S. Copyright Office by submitting a registration form and two copies of the work with a fee which a) establishes proof of earliest creation and publication, b) is required to file a lawsuit for infringement of copyright, c) if filed within three months of publication, established a right to attorneys' fees in an infringement suit. Copyrights cover the following: literary, musical and dramatic works, periodicals, maps, works of art (including models), art reproductions, sculptural works, technical drawings, photographs, prints (including labels), movies and other audiovisual works, computer programs, compilations of works and derivative works, and architectural drawings. Not subject to copyright are short phrases, titles, extemporaneous speeches or live unrecorded performances, common information, government publications, mere ideas, and seditious, obscene, libelous and fraudulent work. For any work created from 1978 to date a copyright is good for the author's life, plus 50 years, with a few exceptions such as work "for hire" which is owned by the one commissioning the work for a period of 75 years from publication. After that it falls into the public domain. Many, but not all, countries recognize international copyrights under the "Universal Copyright Convention," to which the United States is a party."

A tale of 2 Copyrights: Composition and Master

I came across this website

I was a bit confused and my friend James cleared things up a bit for me:

"The gentleman is pointing out that in a recording there are potentially two copyrights at play.

1. The basic song is owned by the songwriter/publisher and a license has to be obtained to use it.

2. Once the recording is made, provided that the proper licenses have been secured, the artist/record company owns the copyright to the recording.

If someone wanted to use the recording commercially in another use, he/she would have to get permissions from both parties.

If someone wants just to use the song and then make their own recording of it, there would only need to be permission obtained for the song itself, usually through Harry Fox.

It seems that what this web-site is selling music that once you pay their fee, you can use it in any manner you wish without having to worry about copyright of the song or the recording. This takes away that hassle of getting licenses and takes the way the worry of a copyright infringement lawsuit."

For more of our discussion

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