Monday Music Quote: George Jellinek

Monday Music Quote: George Jellinek

--  George Jellinek (Hungarian-born American DJ, New York City)

I love studying various cultures with their music and family traditions. I find the above quote by George Jellinek to be true. I was reflecting on Hawaiian music and of course, The Hawaiian Wedding Song comes to mind.

"Hawaiian Wedding Song" is a 1926 love song written by Charles E. King for his operetta, Prince of Hawaii. It was originally entitled "Ke Kali Nei Au" - Hawaiian for "Waiting Here for You". In 1958, Al Hoffman and Dick Manning translated the original Hawaiian words into English, christening the song as the "Hawaiian Wedding Song".

I have a chord chart in the Key of C with 4/4 time signature. Play slowly, with much warmth.

C          G7           C       C7        F                  G7     C
This is the moment I've waited for.
   G9   C      G7   E7     Am  Am7
I can hear my heart singing.

D7                           G7
Soon bells will be ringing.

C          Cdim  D7
This is the moment
G7             C

Of sweet Aloha...
 C                                             G9
I will love you longer than forever.
G7                                                     C    G+
Promise me that you will leave me never.
C      A7    D7

Here and now, dear,
G7                  C
All my love I vow dear.

                                                    Cdim    G9
Promise me that you will leave me never.
G7                                            C
I will love you longer than forever.


Now that we are one,
D7                                G7
Clouds won't hide the sun.

         C        A7    D7
Blue skies of Hawaii smile

      G7                         C
On this, our wedding day.


I do love you,
           D7  G7    C
With all my heart...

For the intro, the arpeggio chords in the r.h. are:


Do you have a favorite Hawaiian song? There's a few that I can think of...

Lovely Hula Hands
Now Is The Hour
Tiny Bubbles
Aloha Oe

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