Kirk Franklin: Don't Cry (chords)

Kirk Franklin
Cover of Kirk Franklin

In 2002 Kirk Franklin wrote the words and music to Don't Cry with piano performance by Richard Smallwood. The song is played slowly in the Key of Db with 4/4 time signature.

Chords to Don't Cry

Ebm7   Absus Ab7 Dbmaj9 Gbmaj7
Why do you cry?   He has risen  
Ebm    F7(b9) F7  Bb/Ab   
Why are you weeping? He's not dead  
  Bb7 Ebm7 Ab/Gb   Ab7 Db   Gb6/9
Why do You cry?     He has risen  
  C/Ebm    F/Ebm6    F7       Bb2             
Why are you weeping? He's not dead  
  Ab/Bb    Ebm       Ab7            Db/Gbm Gb
He paid it all,      on that lonely highway  
        C/Ebm  F7sus F7   Bb/Fm7 Bb9   
And His anointing,  I can feel  
            Ebm      Ab7           Db  Gbmaj9
He shed His blood,    for my transgressions  
            C/Ebm  F/Ebm F7  Bbmaj9 Bb   
And by His stripes,    we are healed 

 Bb Cm7 D/Bb Ebm7 Ab/Gb Ab7 Db Db/Gb
Why do you cry?      He has risen  
 Ebm/C     F/Ebm    F7       Bb/Fm7             
Why are You weeping? He's not dead 
 Bb7      Ebm7    Ab7            Db   Gbmaj9          
So as you go,       through lifes journey  
          Ebm/C      F7           Bb/Fm7 Bb7
Don't You worry,     lift up your head  
  Bb7(#5)  Ebm  Ab7   Dbsus Db  Gbmaj7 
Don't You cry,        stop your weeping 
       C/Ebm  F7   F/Ebm6   Bbmaj9  
He has risen,      He's not dead 

Ebm7  Ab7   Dbmaj9    Gbmaj7               
Don't cry,  Wipe your eyes             
C/Ebm  F/Ebm6 F7 Bb2                           
He's  not dead                         
 Ab/Bb Ebm Ab7     Db       Gb2      
Oh don't weep,  He's not,   asleep     
C/Ebm        F7sus F7 Bb2                  
Je-hovah He's not dead                 
Bb Bb7  Ebm Ab7 Db       Gbmaj7           
Oh don't cry,   Wipe Your eyes         
C/Ebm  F7 Bb2   Bb Ab/Bbaug Gb/Bb7 Fdim7                           
He's not dead.  Oh,

Ebm7   Ab7    Dbmaj9  Gbmaj7 
Don't cry: wipe your eyes 

Ebm/C    F7    Bb
He's     not   dead.  

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Piano Chords to Don't Cry (from the Rebirth of Kirk Franklin

Here are some slash chords to get familiar with. They're not in any order but I think it will help.

Ebm7 = EbBbDb/GbBbDb

Ab9sus = AbEbGb/DbGbBb

Ab7 = AbGb/CAbC

Dbmaj9 = Db/FAbCEb

Gbmaj7 =Gb/BbDbF

Ebm = CBb/GbBbEb

F7(b9) = FCEb/EbC

F7 = FCEb/AF

Bb/Ab = BbAb/CEbBb

Bb7 = BbDAb/FB

Ebm7 = Eb/GbBbDb

Ab/Gb = AbGb/GbBbDb

Ab7 = AbGb/CAbC

Db = Db/AbDbF

Gb6/9 = Gb/AbDbEbAb

C/Ebm = C/GbBbEb

F/Ebm6 = F/EbC

F7 = F/CA

Bb2 = Bb/CDF

Ab/Bb = AbFBb/BbDBb

Gb = GbDbGb/EbC

F7sus = FCEb/BbF

Bb/Fm7 = Bb/AbCF

Bb9 = BbAb/FAbCDF

Gbmaj9 = GbDbGb/AbBbDbF

Bbmaj9 = Bb/ACDF

Bb = Bb/FBbD

Cm7 = Bb/FBbD

D/Bb = D/BbF

Dbsus = DbAbDb/AbDbGb

Looking back over 2013, I just want to give a shout-out to all of my readers (large audience) from the U.S., England, Canada, France, and Germany. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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