Monday Music Quote: Freedom

 " The greatest lesson we can learn from the past... is that freedom is at the very core of
every successful nation in the world."



Chords to Amazing Love

Gm7 - C (intro)

C  Dm7  G  F  C

Dm  F  G  C

Gm7  C  Gm7  C  Gm7  C  Gm7  C  Gm7  C

C  Dm7  G  F  C

Dm7  F  G  C

Am  Dm7

G  F  C

C  Dm7  F  G  C  

Gm7  C

The rhythm that you here in the background is from
the new software for PC and Mac. 

Back Pocket Band Software
Happy 4th of July!

"Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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