Monday Music Quote: Chris Tomlin

 "I will rise when he calls my name, no more sorrow, no more pain, I will rise on eagles wings before my God; fall on my knees, and rise, I will rise."
Chris Tomlin

There's a song that I used to play with a band... it's called Be Glorified and I just love it because it really rocks and is fun to play. I like hearing the bass. It was written in 1999 with words and music by Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin and Jesse Reeves.

The song is from the Chris Tomlin Collection with 15 worship songs. Be Glorified is just one of my many favorites. Perhaps it's fun to play because of the easy progression and all the suspended chords. Sometimes we play it a bit faster but it has a lot of words so that slows it down a bit.

Chord Chart

Intro: G, Csus2, Fsus2, Csus2, x2

Verse 1:
G    Csus2     Fsus2    Csus2
Your love  has captured me.

G    Csus2     D
Your grace has set me free;

G    Csus2     Fsus2 Csus2
Your life, the air i breathe.

Am7              D
     Be glorified in me.

G, Csus2, Fsus2, Csus2, x2


You set my feet to dancing

You set my heart on fire.

In the presence of a thousand kings,

You are my one desire.

Csus2                           Em7       D            Csus2
and i stand before you now with trembling hands lifted high.

Be glorified

G, Csus2, Fsus2, Csus2, x2

Back to verse 1:

Come back in after chorus:


G             G/B  C   D
       Be glorified in me,

       G/B  C   D
Be glorified in me,

       G/B  C   D
Be glorified in me,

       G/B  C   
Be glorified

Repeat to bridge: x2

So, here's the piano chords I'm playing (not in any order):

Csus2 = C/CDG

Fsus2 = F/CFG

Csus2/E =  E/CDG

F add2 = F/CGA


G5 = G/DG

Am7 = A/CEG

Em7 = E/EGD




Awh, repetition is a good thing. Recycle those chords over and over throughout the song!

You might be interested in backpocketband software Check it out, if you want.

"Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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