How To Play In The Mood

 "By giving the public a rich and full melody, distinctly arranged and well played, all the time creating new tone colors and patterns, I feel we have a better chance of being successful. I want a kick to my band, but I don't want the rhythm to hog the spotlight."
-- Glenn Miller

In The Mood, words and music by Joe Garland in 1939, was arranged and performed by the Glenn Miller Band

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The song itself is a great workout!
In The Mood (Cover) 

Chords to In The Mood and My Chord Breakdown 

Who's the livin' daddy with the beautiful eyes?

What a pair of lips -- I'd like to try 'em for size.

I'll just tell him, "Baby, won't you swing it with me?"

Hope he tells me "Maybe" -- what a wing it will be.

So I said politely, "Darlin' may I intrude?"

Am7  G                Gdim             Am7alt  D7  G6         D7
He said don't keep me waitin' when I'm   in   the mood."

G                                               F#
First I held him lightly and we started to dance;

Then I held her tightly -- what a dreamy romance!

C                                                  F#
And I said, "Hey, baby, it's a quarter to three...

There's a mess of moonlight, won't you share it with me?"

"Well," he answered, "Baby, don't you know that it's rude

Am7  G                Gdim               Am7alt  D7  G6         D7
To  keep my two lips waitin' when they're  in   the mood?"


G      Gdim  Am7 alt                 Cdim
In the mood    --     that's what she told me,

G      Gdim  Am7 alt              D
In the mood    --   and when she told me

G      Gdim  Am7 alt            D7sus4
In the mood   --   my heart was skippin';

   D7             Fdim              D7 Gdim  D7   G
It didn't take me long to say, "I'm in  the mood now."

G      Gdim    Am7alt            Cdim
In the mood (oh joy) for all her kissin',

G      Gdim    Am7alt           D
In the mood (oh joy) her crazy lovin',

G     Gdim     Am7alt           D7sus4
In the mood (oh boy) what I was missin' --

First Time:

   D7             Fdim             D7 Gdim  D7   G
It didn't take me long to say "I'm in  the mood now."

Instrumental Break:

G - G/B - Em  Fm7 - G    D - Am7 - D7  Am7alt - G

Last Time:

   D7             Fdim             D7 Gdim  D7   G
It didn't take me long to say "I'm in  the mood now."
How To Play These Chords in This Song:



D7 = DF#C/DF#A

Am7 =AC#EG


Eb7 = Eb/BbDbEbG


D11 = D/ACEG

G dim = Bb/C#

D7-9 = D/CEbF#B

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