How To Improvise Using 4 Left Hand Notes

Hamburg Steinway D-274Image via WikipediaIt is so wonderful to provide free online piano lessons to all ages and at all levels.  I have been teaching piano lessons in my home for over 15 years now.  I have enjoyed playing with various musicians in San Diego County for 30 years.

Beginner piano students are always looking for tips on moving right hand notes and matching some other bass notes with their left hand. So many folks are looking for practice methods that will encourage them to learn to improvise and play piano by ear. They want easy piano lessons.

I found a great teaching video from Yoke Wong that I wanted to share with you.  After seeing the video, you will be playing piano lessons. So, here we go.

How to improvise using 4 left hand notes by pianomother on YouTube.

Be sure to practice and apply the technique!

G minor is a minor scale based on G, consisting of the pitches G, A, B, C, D, E, and F

  Hand Coordination Techniques


This is Piano Diana . 

Many of you have expressed an interest in taking
your piano playing skills to the next level. 
I want to help you get
there by ensuring that you get the most out of
your piano practice and learning experience.

Studying music is like studying a foreign
language. To become fluent, one needs to be
competent in both reading and speaking. Now,
apply this to your piano playing. How well do you
read? What about improvising? How well do you
improvise?  These techniques (sight reading and
improvising) go together, just as reading and
speaking do.

Over the many years of my musical career, I have
come across trained pianists who are excellent
sight readers but really struggle with
improvising.  That, obviously, is not a good

If you think you need help in improvisation, I
have an important message for you. 

A special friend of mine, Yoke Wong, is an
accomplished pianist and music educator who

specializes in piano improvisation. She has
compiled a comprehensive home study course
called, Definitive Piano Improvisation to help
piano students master the art of improvising. I
generally do not promote other courses, but this
one is unique and deserves your attention. Since
I am very aware of the value and importance of
improvisation, I also recognize the value of this
course. It can really make a significant
difference in your piano playing.

Home Study Course

If you seriously want to upgrade your skills, I
urge you to get this DVD home study course

The course comes with 11 hours of video
instruction, 2 CD’s and a 142-page binder. For
those who take advantage of this offer right now,
Yoke will include a bonus of her “Inspirational
Moments Digital Sheet Music.”

Because of the special price, this offer will be
available to the first 50 customers only. The
offer ends 7-14 days from today.

Definitive Improvisation Method

Your feedback is very important in helping us
evaluate how the course has made an impact on
your piano playing world. I would love to hear
from you once you have tried it out!

Thanks for your response!

Piano Diana  

Visit pianomother's site for more information at

All the best, LadyD Amplify
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