Tips to Finding Free Piano Tabs

Sheet Music for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.Image via WikipediaMany piano players, especially those who are good at  improvising, as well as pianists who prefer to develop their own style of playing prefer to use piano tabs (chord charts) instead of sheet music.

Piano tabs offer great flexibility and versatility while reading sheet music, although able to improve your technical proficiency, limits you to a technical style of just reading the notes. The Internet has a huge selection of free piano tabs available and they’re quite easy to find when you consider the tips below.
Places to Find Free Piano Tabs

Piano tab databases allow you to copy, save, or download their piano tabs. Sometimes, their entire database is free to access. Other times, you need to pay a membership fee or per tab. With tab search engines, you need to specify the piece you require piano tabs for and they’ll produce a list of websites that have them.

Piano Tutorial Websites and Forums

Websites and forums that teach or help you to play the piano for free usually have free piano tabs as well.
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