I Know You Know by Esperanza Spalding

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 Chords to I Know You Know

simple blues scales A and D  

Intro G
Verse G C
Pre-Chorus Em D C D
Chorus G C

After trying it once more I think I had the second chorus wrong too.
E5-D5-C5-D5 (aka power chords rooted on the A string, frets 7-5-3-5) sounds better than what I said in my first comment.


 Precious Chords
   / Esperanza Spalding  /
  / Precious            /
 / Esperanza Spalding  /

For this tab I've just transcribed the chords. Since this is jazz, the
bottomline IS the chords and everything is improvisation from there.
These chords might not be a 100% flawless, so I'd really appreciate some
help and good advice! :D

The main progression is switching between a plain D and a Bbmaj7+5,
which is just Bb and C added to the D major scale. For improvisation,
this is pretty much just a D mixolydian scale. I'll name that part
the Interlude, as the song always returns to that before moving on.


Harmony vocals open, and the Wurlitzer enters with the chord D/C ...

| D | % | Bbmaj9+5 | % |

| D | % | Bbmaj9+5 | % |

| D | % | Bbmaj9+5 | % |

| D | % | Bbmaj9+5 | % |

| G#o | Gm11 | C13 | %  A13 |

| D | F#7+9+5 | Bm9 | E13b11 |
| Bbmaj9  D(add9) | F#7+9+5  Bm7+5 | Em7 A11  D | %  A6 :||

(from here it's back from the top, down to the 2. ending,
 which is leading on to the C-part.)

| %  C#�  C9 |

| Bm9  Bbmaj9 | Am11  G#� | Gmaj9  F#7+5 | Em11  A#o |

| Bm9  Bbmaj9 | Am11  G#� | Gmaj9  F#7+5 | Em11 |


| Emaj9/G# | Gm6 | D/F# | Bm7  -/A |

| Emaj9/G# | Gm6 | D/F# | Fmaj7 | Em9 | Bb+5 |

 2x Interlude

 2x Chorus


I Know You Know



A big thank you to Gotaro for this song request! How can you rate a 5 star performance? She is over the top! Esperanza is a fantastic musician and the best bassist around! LOVE her music!

All the best, LadyD Amplify
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