Who Can Sail? - Vem kan Segla

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who can sail without wind... a piano song played by my friend Ballademaker from Norway.

Ballademaker says:

"this a well known song here in Norway, its a nice song when the spring time is coming back i think enjoy it i have enjoyed since i was a little boy learn it first time of age of 10. its swedish jazz version."

This is a traditional Swedish Folk Song. The arrangement and English translation by Russell Packard. Russell packard is a founding member and the director of Crossing Borders, a global music ensemble. Russell learned "Vem kan segla while riding on a ship from Stockholm to Helsinki. The message of this folk song is that friendship is foremost and universal and that, without friendship, life has no meaning. The song dates back to the 1700s. I really like the minor sounds in this song.


* Listen:


Who Can Sail? (Vem kan segla förtuan vind?)

Arranged by Carl-Bertil Agnestig

Shenandoah Valley Children's Chorus, Julia J. White, conductor
Based on a Finnish folk melody, this beautiful message of friendship has been sung by choirs worldwide. The adaptable piano part can be played as written, or modified based on the chord symbols included in the score. Can be sung in English or Swedish.

* Lyrics

Lyric as it sound in Swedish:

Verse 1:

Vem ken siyla forutan vind?
Vem ken ru itan oror?
Vem ken shilyas fron vennen sin,
utan att fella torar?

Verse 2:

yo ken siyla forutan vind.
yo ken ru itan oror.
Men ey shilyas fron vennen min.
utan att fella torar.

who can sail without the wind?
who can row without an oar?
who can say goodbye to their love
without crying?

I can sail without the wind.
and I can row without an oar.
but I can't say goodbye to my love
without crying.

* Chord Chart

Dm Gm Dm A7 Dm A7 Dm

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