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I love the sounds of smooth jazz... always have. I hope you'll visit:

"Piano jazz music is the same as jazz piano music or music jazz piano, but these are only words. Wonderful instrumental jazz music is not easy to describe, there are many kind of instrumental music, but all of the jazz musicians or jazz music artists who really love and live jazz music knowing " there is nothing like beautiful piano music".It is deeply connected with emotions. You can catch the feeling and the magic of amazing, awesome and even soothing sound."

These 2 videos will take about 10 mins. total viewing time... enjoy!
Smooth jazz music ( instrumental music, piano music, nu jazz, lounge music, chillout music )

Also, you can find jazeboo on myspace"

You might enjoy FantasticPlanetTV - Jasper Alabama

Do you have any smooth jazz favorite artists?

I hope you have a peaceful, relaxing weekend... listening to some smooth jazz.

Take care,
~ LadyD

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