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I am a Lionel Ritchie fan! The guy can play the piano and sing very well. Looking back over the years, I'd say this particular song is easy to play and a fun one at that. There's so many songs by Lionel Ritchie that I like. Do you have a favorite song? How about Hello, Dancing on the Ceiling, Ballerina Girl, Endless Love, Lady... I have the Lionel Ritchie Anthology song book by Hal Leonard and highly recommend it... awesome chords and sheet music!

Just a few weeks ago you probably heard Lionel Ritchie sing at Michael Jackson's memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on July 7, 2009.

* Chords to Jesus Is Love

Jesus Is Love - Lionel Richie

Ab/EbAbC - Father
G/EbGFBb - Help your
FEb/EbGAbC - children
Eb/EbAbC - and don't let them
Db/CEbFAb - fall
C/BbEbAb - by the side
BbAb/CDbFAb - of the road
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Gb/GbBbDbF - Je-
FEb/FAbCEb - -sus
Ab/EbGbBbDb - is
Db/CEbFAb - Love
Its a walk down the Ab scale, you can incorporate the Circle of 4ths to make the movement sound fuller and there are other things you can do, but this is the basics of the Song.

* Jesus Is Love

Jesus Is Love - Lionel Richie

Key = Ab

Ab - Father
Eb\G - help your
Fm7 - children
Ab7\Eb - and don't let them
Db - fall by the
Ab\C - side of the
Bbm7 - road
Db\Eb - mmmmand
Ab - teach them
Eb\G - to love one an-
Fm7 - nother
Ab7\Eb - that heaven might
Db - find a
Ab\C - place in their
Bbm7 - hearts
Db\Eb (break) cause
Gbmaj7 - Je-
Fm7- sus
Ebm7\Ab - is
Db - love

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