Half Off Sale - The Secrets to Playing Piano by Ear Course Book

Over at Hearandplay.com, Jermaine Griggs is having a 50% off sale on one of his courses, learning to play the piano by ear. No, it's not a Dvd to watch but rather a music theory book loaded with tones of information for all you musicians.

300pg.Course-50%off Sale

The 300 page course book takes an easy approach to concepts that otherwise seem unreachable for those of us that use the self teaching approach. Although many of the concepts I've read before in other methods, I find amazing that Jermaine seems to expose every idea with the simplicity that makes it so easy to understand. I find myself referring to this popular book often.

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The first 5 chapters of the book were a basic review of music theory and sight reading that anyone that's had some music lessons would know. The rest of the book is absolutely amazing. Jermaine Griggs shows how you can build on one another, like how to take triads like a Cmaj chord and build on it to a 7th chord, then a 9th, then a 13th. This book is full of "meat" of music theory and tips. EVERY MUSICIAN, WHETHER BEGINNING OR ADVANCED NEEDS TO GET THIS BOOK!

The 300 page course book is worth the money. It's good to learn music theory and how to apply it. The 300 page course is a theory book with bonus CD (sound library- audio examples). Jermaine's course covers beginning techniques, music theory, chords, progressions, improvisation, and more! You will want to order the 300 page course book, The Secrets To Playing Piano By Ear today. The half price sale is great!

300pg.Course-50%off Sale

Happy 4th of July!
~ LadyD

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