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Cover of "Back at One"Cover of Back at One

The song Back At One sung by Brian McKnight is a popular song request I receive often.
Here it is on YouTube along with an excellent slide by kroba87

Back At One – Brian McKnight

B Abm
It's undeniable, that we should be together
E C#m C#m Eb/B E F#
It's unbelievable, how I use to say that I fall ne-ver
B Abm
The basis is need to know, if you don't know just how I feel
A Abm Fdim
Then let me show you now that I'm for real
A Abm F#
If all things in time, time will reveal


One, you're like a dream come true
Two, just wanna be with you
E Eb/B
Three, girl is plain to see
C#m F#
That you're the only one for me
And four, repeats steps one thru three
Abm F# Abm
Five, make you fall in love with me
E Eb/B C#m
If ever I believe my work is done
F# B
Then I'll start back at one

verse 2: (same chords as verse 1)

It's so incredible
The way things work themselves out
It's all emotional
Once you know what it's all about, hey
And undesirable
For us to be apart
I never would have made it very far
Cause you know you've got the keys to my heart

My favorite all time video of Brian singing and playing piano with this different yet amazing arrangement. Brian is a very talented musician that's for sure!

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