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Across The River: Bruce Hornsby l PianoDiana

Looking over this year's blog posts, I wanted to share with you the top ten popular chord charts. Have fun and keep playing the keys!!

Chords and Lyrics to the Bruce Hornsby song, Across The River.

A Rainy Night In Georgia: Tony Joe White l Piano Diana

Chords and Lyrics to Tony Joe White's,  A Rainy Night In Georgia.

Brave: Sara Bareilles l Piano Diana

Learn to play Brave by Sara Bareilles in Bb.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Paul Simon l Piano Diana

Bridge Over Troubled Water by Paul Simon is super popular, played in Key of C.

Alicia Keys: If I Ain't Got You l Piano Diana

The sensational Alicia Keys plays a great song in Em If I Ain't Got You. 

Billy Joel: Just The Way You Are l Piano Diana

One of my favorite performers, Billy Joel playing Just The Way You Are.

Little Black Dress: Sara Bareilles l Piano Diana

Another great piano player and songwriter, Sara Bareilles playing Little Black Dress.

It Ain't Necessarily So: George Gershwin l Piano Diana

It Ain't Necessarily So was written in 1935, played in the Key of Bb by Gershwin.

Pete Seeger: Turn, Turn, Turn l Piano Diana

Turn, Turn, Turn (To Every Season) by Pete Seeger from the Bible, played in Key of C.

Young At Heart: Frank Sinatra l Piano Diana

In the Key of Bb, play Frank Sinatra with Young At Heart.

You may be interested in this great software called, Backpocket Band Software for background beats and more...

It's been a great year. Thanks, dear readers, and here's to a bright Happy New Year!

-- LadyD

"Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life." -- Art Blakey
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