A Rainy Night In Georgia: Tony Joe White

Brook Benton: A Rainy Night In Georgia

Brook Benton, popular singer-songwriter of rhythm and blues, sings this slow ballad A Rainy Night In Georgia. It's mostly nice melodic runs in the right hand while playing an alberti bass with the left.

Tony Joe White: American singer songwriter

Singer-guitarist-songwriter Tony Joe White grew up in a musical family, but preferred baseball to music until he was in his teens. When, at sixteen, he did pick up a guitar, it wasn't long before he was performing and writing his own music. His 1969 tour of Europe was so successful, he retuned five more times through 1972. In the seventies he ranked as a favorite songwriter for many other performers, including Elvis Presley, Tom Jones and Dusty Springfield. Brook benton's 1970 recording of this song was a million copy seller.

Here it is on YouTube.

A Rainy Night In Georgia (Chords & Lyrics)

Key: Eb
Time: 4/4 Moderately
© 1969 Combine Music Corporation

Eb Db x2

Hovering by my suitcase
Ab                              Eb         Ebmaj7 
Trying to find a warm place to spend the night
Eb                      Ab
Heavy rain is falling, seems I hear your voice calling
It's all right 


Cm7               Gm
A rainy night in Georgia
Cm7               Gm
A rainy night in Georgia
I believe it's raining
All over the world
Fm                         Ab       Eb   Dbmaj7 
I believe it's raining all over the world

Neon signs a-flashing, 
Taxi cabs and busses passing through the night
The distant moaning of a train
Seems to play a sad refrain into the night



Dbmaj7                    Eb
How many times I've wondered
Db                         Ebmaj7
And it still comes out the same
   Fm             Gm           Fm7
No matter how you look at it or think of it
     Ab          Gm Fm7 Ebmaj7  Dbmaj7          
You just got to do your own thing 

Bridge 2
Fm Ab x2

I find me a place in a boxcar
So I take out this old guitar to pass some time
Late at night when it's hard to rest
I hold your little picture to my chest
And I'm alright


               Fm         Ab         Eb
I believe it's raining all over the world
Fm       Ab         Eb
And it's raining on me

Outro x2
Fm Ab Gm Am7
Fm Ab Eb   

Chords in the Song

L.H. / R.H.







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Well, we're not exactly experiencing rainy nights in Georgia, living here in So Cal. We've had beautiful warm weather with temperatures in the 80s. How is it where you are?

Have fun with the song!


"Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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