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Song Robot: LadyDpiano

 Song Robot is one of a kind. You simply load 
song files into it and it shows you, on demand, 
how to play them on a big virtual keyboard. The software combines these amazing features:

*Large, expandable, HD virtual keyboard - Song Robot
now allows you to make the keys as big as you want
by dragging the lower right corner across your screen.
The keys stay as crisp as ever as we utilize HD,
non-blur graphics. So if you have a huge monitor, 2
or 3 monitors connected, or even showing it on tv, 
the keys can expand the entire width without becoming
distorted! Crisp & clean.

*Convenient looping - No other solution offers this
in conjunction with all of our features. You can pick
2 separate points in a song and repeat only that
section for as long as you want! You can repeat at
any speed and key you want too!

*Slow down songs to 10% of original speed - We offer
the slowest playback ever... 10% means you can make
the song almost 10 times slower than its original
speed. There's no way you can't learn at this rate.

*Adjustable split colors - The left hand shows up
in blue and the right hand in red. You have full
control over where the hands and colors split too!

*Transpose to all 12 keys - Learn songs in all 12 keys
with the click of a button. All notes, names, and
colors adjust to whatever key you want.

You can use the SongRobot with any song you want:

The Song Robot accepts midi files
and there are literally millions of midi files available
on the internet at no cost.

As an example, try this: Go to google and type your
favorite song followed by "midi file." (For example,
"amazing grace midi file").

No doubt, you'll pull up a number of sites with midi
files on the songs of your choice. Jermaine Griggs has done live examples
on his blog... going to google and finding songs right
before your eyes.

So yes, HearandPlay gives you a number of files but they only
begin to scratch the surface of the many songs you'll
be able to download on the internet and then open in 
this powerful software. The possibilities are endless.

Song Robot Software from Hear and Play l LadyDpiano

SongRobot Is For:

Song Robot caters to everyone because no matter your
skill level, you can benefit from loading files into this
program, slowing them down, and learning them from scratch.

If you're a beginner, you'll enjoy slowing songs down to
as low as 10% of the actual speed. You may focus on easier

If you're experienced, you may download classic solos and
various advanced licks and tricks from jazz sites and enjoy
analyzing what's being done by slowing down the file and
transposing to all 12 keys.

Song Robot gives different people different experiences
because it accepts any type of midi file. So what you put
in is what you get out --- with the added benefit of
split colors, note names, looping, expandable keys, tempo
control, 12-key transposing, and more.

Easy Installation

Song Robot is a very small file
(under 5 mb) and takes literally seconds to download.
You simply click on the INSTALL file and it does the

Plus, they have a number of tutorial videos that walk
you through it step by step.

If you're interested in investing in this learning software that I have on my Mac (and yes, works on a PC, visit

Song Robot Software

It's a great tool to have! 

Happy 4th!

"Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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