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Harold Arlen wrote the music, along with the lyrics by Ted Koehler in 1931... a very popular song called Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea. It goes something like this hearing the instrumental version on YouTube.

Chords and Lyrics

Key: F
Time: 4/4


F Gm7 C7 F Gm7 C7 F7 Bb Bbm F/C Fm6/C Gm7 C7 F

         F              F7

Is there anyone around who cannot the see
          Dm              Bbm   Gm7       C7 F
it's the well-known run-around you're giving me,
Gm7                       C7     F     Db7
I suppose you'll tell me I'm all wrong
       F                    F7
It's a bitter pill to take, coming from you,
          Dm             Bbm
tho' I've made a big mistake,
Gm7      C7 F
what can I do?
Gm7                         C7     F  C7#5
I don't know what makes me string along.

F Dm    Gm7       C7
I don't want you
F      Dm      Gm7   C7
But I'd hate to lose you
F7        Bb     Bbm6       F/C Fm6
You got me in between the devil and the
 Gm7 C7        F   C7
deep blue sea 

F    Gm7 C7
I forgive you
F                 Gm7  C7 
'Cause I can't forget you 
F7            Bb  Bbm6   F/C           Fm6/C
You've got me in between the devil and the 
Gm7   C7   F  E7  A6
deep blue sea 

A  F#m               Bm7      E7
I ought to cross you off my list
A             Adim         A   F7#5   E7 Am6
But when you come knocking at my door
C/G      Am              Fm6        
Fate seems to give my heart a twist
    Ab7                 Dm7b5 G  C7 
And I come running back for more 
F   Dm   Gm7  C7
I should hate you
F             Gm7  C7
But I guess I love you 
F7           Bb  Bbm6       F/C   Fm6/C
You've got me in between the devil and the 
Gm7  C7    F
deep blue sea 

Chords From The Song

(no particular order)

L.H. / R.H.


F7 = FF/EbAF

F7#5 = FF/EbAC#

Fm6 = Ab/DFC


Fm6/C = Ab/DFC


Gm7 = GBb/DFC and GF/BbDG

C7 = CE/BbDG and CBb/EAD

C7#5 = C/BbEG#

Cdim7 = CA/EbF#C


Db7 = GG/DbFCb

Bb = BbF/DFC

Bbm = G/FBbDbF and BbBb/DbFA

Bbm6 = G/FBbDF

Bm7 = BB/ADF#A

Db7 = GG/DbFCb


Dm7b5 = DD/CFAb

E7 = B/G#D and EE/DG#E


A6 = AA/G#C#E

Am6 = A/F#CE

Ab7 = AbEb/CGbEb

Adim = Eb/CF#A

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