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Piano Diana: Top Blog Posts 2014
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 It's always refreshing to glance back over the year and learn from my past blogger posts. Here's an overall view just in case you missed something. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my blog.

1. Esperanza Spalding: I Know You Know

(Page views 13, 373)

2. Hezekiah Walker: I Need You To Survive

(Page views 10, 956)

3. Top Ten Jazz Books

(Page views 9, 374)

4. Above All: Paul Baloche

(Page views 5, 675)

5. Martha Munizzi: God Is Here

(Page views 5, 294)

6. Kirk Franklin: Awesome God

(Page views 4, 304)

7. Chords To Bridge Over Troubled Waters

(Page views 3, 181)

8. Music Alphabet and Staff

(Page views 3, 133)

9. Virtual Keyboard: New Software Tool

(Page views 3, 085)

10. Free Christmas Sheet Music Sites

(Page views 2, 590)

 Jermaine Griggs is having a super sale with 60% off, along with free shipping. You might want to research it and pick up another music resource,  Christmas Keys1

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 "Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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