Diana Krall: How Deep Is The Ocean

Diana Krall
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I love this song, How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)! It has a moderate tempo with 4/4 time signature in Key of Eb.

Here's how I play it...

(Irving Berlin, 1932)

L.H. / R.H.

Cm                     G+/B
How much do I love you?
Cm7/Bb         Am7b5
I'll tell you no lie
Gm                     D7/A  D7
How deep is the ocean?
Gm                     Bb9/F  Bb9
How high is the sky?

Eb                Eb7               Ab9
How many times a day do I think of you?
F7b9                          Bb7#5  Bb7  G7/B
How many roses are sprinkled with dew?

Cm                      G+/B
How far would I travel
Cm7/Bb              Am7b5
To be where you are?
Gm                    D7/A
How far is the journey
Gm                   Bb9/F  Bb9
from here to a star?

Eb       Eb7  C7b9
And if I ever lost you
Fm                          Fm7b5
How much would I cry?
Eb/Bb                  F9
How deep is the ocean?
Bb7                     Eb
How high is the sky?

Do you have a favorite Diana Krall song? Let me know if you need help with the chords. Because today is Pirate's Day, I think I had this song on my mind!

The Very Best of Diana Krall - Diana Krall

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