You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

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 In 1964, the Righteous Brothers sang this famous song from the movie Top Gun, You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling. Do you remember this one? I think it still remains a popular hit. Words and Music by Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil and Phil Spector.

Here's the chord chart from my Sheet Music Magazine.

          |Bb                |                     |C
You never close your eyes any-more when I kiss your lips
|           |Bb                    |                   |C
And there's no tenderness  like be-fore in your finger-tips
|            |Dm7                    |Em7
You're trying hard no to show it....
      |Fmaj7      F     |       G7
But ba-by        ba-by I know it

|C               |Dm               |G7                |C
You've lost that loving feeling       wo-o that   lov-ing feeling
|                |Dm                        |Bb      F   | Bb         |C
you've lost that lovin' feel-ing   now it's gone  gone   gone wo-o wo
|              |Bb                    |                     |C
And now there's no welcome look in you eyes when I reach for you.

|              |Bb              |                    |C
And girl your starting to criticize little things I do.
|            |Dm7                    |Em7
I makes me just feel like crying...
         |Fmaj7           F |          G7
'cause ba-by something beautiful's dying

|C               |Dm               |G7                |C
You've lost that loving feeling       wo-o that   lov-ing feeling
|                |Dm
you've lost that lovin' feel-ing   now it's
|Bb          |           |C      F
gone  gone   gone wo-o wo

|C     F G F G |C        F    |G            F     G        |C     F
                Baby  Baby    I'd get down on my knees for you
|G       F G |C              F   |G       F        G     |C       F
               If you would only love me like you used to do
|G     F G |C         F       |G      F             G          |C   F
            We had a love, a love, a love you don't find every day
|G     F G |C         F       |G      F      G           |C     F 
            Don't    don't     don't  don't let it slip a-way.
|G     F  G

|C               |Dm               |G7             |C
 Bring back that lov-in' feeling        wo-o that lovin' feeling
|                |Dm7                         |Bb    F    Bb|
 Bring back that lovin' feel-ing  'cause it's gone gone gone  and I
|       F  |Bb             |C      F     |G     F  G|C
can't  go  on wo-o wo-o

So, I play the song slowly in cut time.

L.H. / R.H.

CF/BbD  You never

CF/BbE   close your eyes anymore when I kiss your

CG/DEG  lips. And there's no

CBb/DBb  tenderness like before in your finger

CG/DEG  tips. You're trying

DC/FC hard not to show it,

EGB/EG   baby, but

FC/ADE    baby

GF/AE      baby, I

GF/BDE   know it.

CG/EC     You've lost that

CA/FD     loving feeling,

GF/D       woah, that

CG/EC     lovin' feeling,

CG/E       You've lost that

DC/AF    lovin' feeling; now it's

C/DFBb   gone,

C/CFA     gone,

C/BbDG   gone, woah (second time to second ending)

C/GCE     oh. (repeat to top)

second ending:

C/GCE  oh.





C/EG  Baby,

F/CFB baby,

G/DFA  I'd get down

F/B on my

G/BDA  knees for

C/CEG  you,





C/GCE  If you would

F/ACF  only

G/BDG  love me

F/FAC  like you

G/GBD  used to

C/GCE  do





C/GCE  We had a

F/ACF   love, a

G/GBD   love you

F/AD    don't find

G/BD  every

C/GCE   day.




G/GBD  So,

C/EGC  don't

F/FAC  don't

G/GBD  don't

F/FAC  let it

G/GBD  slip a

C/EGC   way



F/FA    You've

G/GBD   got to

CG/EC   bring back that

CA/FD    lovin' feeling,

GF/D    woah, that

CG/EC    lovin, feeling, Bring back that

DC/AF   lovin' feeling 'cause it's

C/DFBb   gone,

C/CFA     gone,

C/BbDG   gone, and I

C/DFBb    can't

C/CFA     go

C/BbDG    on,

C/BbDF    woah,

C/GCE    oh.






Have fun with the song.
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (In the Style of the Righteous Brothers) [Performance Track with Demonstration Vocals]

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day and are having a great President's Holiday!

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