You Oughta Be In Pictures

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Flaming June, c.1895
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This bright tune was introduced in Paramount's 1941 motion picture "New York Town," which starred Mary Martin and Fred MacMurray. In 1951 it was revived by Doris Day in Warner's movie musical "Starlift." Written in 1934, words by Edward Heyman and music by Dana Suesse.

From the show "Ziegfield Follies Of 1934"

Little Jack Little & His Orch. - 1934
Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees - 1934 
The Boswell Sisters - 1934
Also recorded by: Ray Conniff Singers; Sammy Kaye & His Orch.; Roy Fox & His Orch.; Eddie Miller & His Orch.

This arrangement is so easy to play.
Here's the chord chart I have, arranged by Phil Gaberman in the Key of C.
 C                               F#dim
You oughta be in pictures, 
 Dm7    G
You’re wonderful to see, 
 Dm   G
You oughta be in pictures, 
 C                   Dmsus4    G7+5
Oh what a hit you would be! 
 C                                  C   F#dim
Your voice would thrill a nation, 
 Dm7  G
Your face would be adored, 
You’d make a great sensation 
 C                                Baug     B7
with wealth and fame your reward; 
 Em  G+                Em          G+
And if you should kiss the way you kiss, 
 Em           G+    A9
When we’re alone, 
 G     Em              Am9     D7
You’d make ev’ry girl and man 
         Am9            D7               G7
A fan worshiping at your throne. 
 C                                       F#dim
You oughta shine as brightly 
 Dm7  G
As Jupiter and Mars; 
 Dm7   G             Dm
You oughta be in pictures, 
 G7  Dm  G7  C
My star of stars. 
As 2012 nears the end, I wanted to wish you and yours Joy for the new year. I hope it's a year of praise!
With Love, 

"Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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