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Tejas Nair Photography Silent Night
Tejas Nair Photography Silent Night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found a great artist through Neil A. Kjos Music Company. Larry Minsky published some great music, Jazz Impressions Of Christmas. In this particular book that was written in 1997, he's listed 6 songs for Level Five. I thought I'd share the easiest song to learn first, Silent Night.

First, let me tell you a bit about the composer.

Larry Minsky attended Queens College in New York and received his B.A. in political science. During this time his interest turned toward music and he studied theory and composition with Sol Berkowitz at the Aaron Copland Music School in New York. After graduation he made music his choice of career.

Larry's active professional career included performing in many rock bands, jazz bands, and in restaurants and clubs as a soloist. In addition to performing at famous New York restaurants and hotels, including the Waldorf Astoria, Larry also performed with his own band called "Rhapsody." Concurrently, he continued to study both jazz and classical music with top New York instructors.

Larry lives near Orlando, Florida, where he teaches private students and continues to perform. His article on teaching jazz piano was published in the December 1993 issue of Clavier. His books Language of Jazz, Shades of Jazz, Impressions of Jazz, Reflections of Jazz, and Images of Jazz are published by the Neil A. Kjos Music Company.

So, here are the chord progressions to Silent Night.

Silent night, holy night
G13            C6/9
All is calm, All is bright
F6/9                 C6/9   
Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child
F6/9              C6/9
Holy Infant so Tender and mild,
G13                 C6/9
Sleep in heavenly peace,
C6        G13     Abmaj7  Dbmaj7   Cmaj7
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Let's take a look at these chords and see what you're playing here.

L.H. / R.H.

C6/9 = EGAD/G

G13 = FABE/D

C6/9 = EGAD/G

F6/9 = F/ACDG

C6/9 = EGAD/G

F6/9 = ACDG/A

C6/9 = EGAD/G

G13 = FABE/D

C6/9 = EGAD/C

C6 = A/EGC

G13 = GF/BEG

Abmaj7 = AbEb/GC

Dbmaj7 = DbAb/FC

Cmaj7 = CG/EGB

Enjoy playing this great song at this special time of year!


"Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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