Amazing Grace

One of my favorite songs is Amazing Grace. I have played it with gospel chords and here I used some jazz chords for a different sound. I'm thinking I should follow up with a tutorial next time and post the chords. Do you have a favorite song with a special style of playing it?

My friend, Yoke Wong, wrote a great article about practicing the piano.

How Do I Find Time To Practice?

"Would you like to know the answer? Piano practice
sessions do not need to be long.

Have you heard of the 7/20 rule? It's seven
repetitions for 20 minutes. If you can't play
something seven times in a row without making
mistakes, the section is probably too big for you
to work on. Also, 20 minutes is the limit of your
full concentration. After you practice for 20
minutes, you can take a break.

You should always be clear on your short- and
long-term piano goals. Knowing your goals will
help motivate you to practice. A short-term goal
might be that you want to play Rhapsody in Blue
and have it mastered and memorized by Feb. 1st.

A long-term goal might be that you want an active
repertoire of four pieces in 2011 or that you want
to sight-read anything at tempo. So, your
short-range goals determine what you play this
week, this month, but those short-range goals
should always help you move towards your
long-range goals.

The way many pianists typically learn is from the
beginning, the first section/introduction. When
they're fairly accomplished, they dive into the
second section. The second section is never
learned as well as the first. The third section
(save us!) is a disaster! Does this sound like

If so, I advise you to start to learn a new piece
someplace other than the opening section. How
about the middle section? Or the end?

Are you ready to make a good start for this year?"...
Yoke Wong offers a great music dvd resource for playing hymns.

Become A Better Church Pianist Now!

Learn How To Play Hymns Using Color Chords

& Exciting Runs & Fillers

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