Pentatonic Scale in Oriental Video

Hendrix chord, F7#9, as an uncommon pentatonic...Image via WikipediaPentatonoic is a scale that consists of 5 notes,
namely, I-II-III-V-VI. C pentatonic scale
comes with C, D, E, G, and A.
You can create all kinds of beautiful music using
pentatonic scale.

oriental moods

Frédéric Chopin wrote the right hand piano part of
his Etude Op. 10 no. 5 in the major G-flat
pentatonic scale, and therefore, the melody is
played using only the black keys. Antonín Dvoøák,
inspired by the native American music and
African-American spirituals he heard in America,
made extensive use of pentatonic themes in his
"New World" Symphony and his "American" Quartet.
Are you finding the pentatonic scale interesting

In fact, you can take a look at the
video that highlights the usage of pentatonic
scale. This video is put together by one of Yoke Wong's
customers, Miriam.

She started composing using pentatonic scale after
learning this technique from Yoke Wong's definitive piano
improvisation course. With her permission, Yoke Wong is
sharing her first music video that makes use of
pentatonic notes blended with open chord voicing.

I am enjoying the video a lot as she puts real
effort in combining her music with beautiful
pictures of the nature. Furthermore, she is making
use of music synthesizer to highlight certain
instrumental effect. Kudos to Miriam. 

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