Funny Piano Songs (Mario Theme, Titanic, Jurrasic Park, Peanuts etc.)

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 Sometimes you just have to play the songs that you love and are good at playing. You just might find yourself on a roll like this person in the video. It is good to combine a medley of fun pop songs that have been famous and played by many. So many songs here are my favorites as well. Do you have a special song that you are fond of? Why not play it over and over and get real good at it and polish it up for others to hear as well. They say repetition is a good thing and I agree!

Funny Piano Songs (Mario Theme, Titanic, Jurrasic Park, Peanuts etc.)

Jurrasic Park 

1,000 Miles

Peanuts Theme

Mario Theme

Theme form Charlie Brown


Pirates of the Carribean

The person in the video is playing the piano by ear. With practice it becomes easier to transition into the next song. Get comfortable playing in a certain key and learn a medley of popular songs in that key. Themes from famous movies, pop stars and game videos is a great beginning to learning the piano. Music should be enjoyable wouldn't you agree?

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