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Too Close To The Mirror by Eddie Ruth Bradford. you can hear a short clip of the song at this

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 One of the most unique and anointed voices to come along in quite sometime, Eddie Ruth Bradford, born and raised in Cascilla, Mississippi, debuts with a fresh traditional sound. Having roots that are deep in delta tradition, Eddie Ruth's deep alto voice resonates with emotion, conviction and style that are sure to make her a welcome addition to the traditional gospel scene.

Here's a good video to hear the song Too Close To The Mirror and jam with:

Chord Chart to Too Close To The Mirror

Too Close To The Mirror
By: Eddie Ruth Bradford
Arr. By: Val215

Key Bb
L H / R H

Bb, Bb / F-Bb-D I guess I’m
Bb, Bb / F-Bb-D too close to the
Eb, Eb / G-Bb-Eb mirror to
Bb / F-Bb-D see what you see, why You
Bb, Bb / F-Bb-D shower down Your
Bb / F-Bb-D blessings
Bb, B /
C, C / E-G-C Your blessings on
F / A-C-F me
Eb / not
Bb, Bb / F-Bb-D anything I’ve
D, D / F-Ab-Bb-D done Lord
Eb / G-Bb-Eb as far as I
D / F-Bb-D can
C / G-C-Eb see
C / G-C-Eb
D / F-Bb-D
Eb / G-C-Eb I guess I’m
F, F / Bb-D-F too close to the
F, F / Bb-D-F mirror to see
F, F / G-Bb-Eb what You see in
Bb, Bb / F-Bb-D me

Verse 1 (use these same chords):
Bb, Bb / F-Bb-D Sometimes I think
Bb, Bb / F-Bb-D about the things
Eb, Eb / G-Bb-Eb You have done for me
Bb, Bb / F-Bb-D me

Additional lyrics:
How you washed all my sins, set my spirit free, then I look back on my life, I haven't always done right, but still your goodness and mercy follows me everyday of my life.


Verse 2:
When I thought about given up you set trust in me, if you hold on, don't faint now keep your faith in me. Lord you don't see me like I am, you see me like I'm gonna be, so I believe I'll run on and see what the ends gonna be. hallelujah,


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