How To Become A Better Musician

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Have you thought about becoming a better musician but are wondering where to begin? Have you thought about the years you've invested in your piano playing but now want to take your piano playing to another level?

I wanted to share a practice plan with you that involves a pretty elementary approach to the piano. First you need to have either an ear for music, some theory or note reading background.


This is the ability to execute chords, runs and licks with little or no thought. It is automatic because of all the time spent developing the skill. You can only develop this by lots and lots of practice. Practice scales and progressions, arpeggios and runs so it becomes automatic. You develop technique by doing the things over and over.
Everything that you utilize in your playing can be broken down into technique. Practice technique for 15-20 minutes!


You will need a Hanon Exercise book or a good scales book. You can play major scales, minor scales, Arabic scales, blues scales, whole tone, chromatic, diminished. The idea is to get familiar with scales, move those fingers and listen to the sounds of each scale. Play scales in octaves, thirds and sixths. Bass lines are scales and runs done in your left hand. Practice scales for 15-20 minutes.


The understanding of how music is made. How to create the sound you are looking for by using principles such as understanding progressions and the chords that make up the progressions and to be able to alter the sound by altering your chords. Understanding scale theory, chordal theory, improvisation, ear training and rhythm can only help you grow at a faster rate. Study theory books for 15-20 minutes.


Learn to harmonize the melody. Understand how to put together chords in their various scales. Learn to play melodies at first. If you don’t know how to solo, learn how to play the melody very well to every song you are learning and use this melody as a guide to assist your soloing.
Practice improvisation for 15-20 minutes.

Listen and Copy Your Favorite Artist:

Good musicians listen to their favorite artists because the artist does the same sort of thing over and over. So your growth will be faster if you study a particular artist at first. Also because you like him or her, you will be motivated to learn from that artist. Practice listening to other artists and playing along with the song for 15-20 minutes.

Getting better doesn't come over night but if you apply a disciplined practice time to your schedule, you will see new breakthroughs that you are becoming a better musician each and every day!

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