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Elijah Bossenbroek was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He started playing the piano at age six, but wasn't a typical piano player. He often hated the dull repetition behind learning notes and playing to metronomes. Frustrated, Elijah began writing his own piano compositions at age fourteen. At the age of eighteen, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he spent the better part of 5 years traveling to places such as Mississippi, Japan, California, and Kuwait.
Upon his return from the deserts of Kuwait, Elijah purchased a home recording studio and began working on his first album, "Harmony In Disarray,". In 2007 after gaining a lot of popularity and momentum in the music industry, he was noticed by an A&R at "A Matter of Substance Records" which signed him to a record deal and produced his anticipated second album “Carpe Lumen”.

Please visit Elijah N. Bossenbroek's site:

I would like to let you know about an offer for a free complimentary copy of the sheet music, "A Song of Simplicity". If you go to Elijah's web site and send him an email requesting it, trust me on this, you will definitely receive it! I personally went to visit Elijah's site because I wanted to hear music from new composers. I was very pleased with what I heard from Elijah's piano playing.

Elijah sent me a copy of his piece almost immediately and gave his permission to blog about it. It’s a lovely 5 page piece at about the late intermediate level with quick broken chords, lots of pedal, rubato, and much attention to dynamics. Listen to some of his other music and download several songs. Many of my students will love playing this particular song, A Song of Simplicity, filled with flowing, arpeggiated chords!

A You Tube fan wrote:
The pattern goes like this all the time: A, E, A, C, A, E x2 and then
F, C, F, A, F, C x2 then
C, G, C, D, C, G x2 and
G, D, G, B, G, D x2. It goes like this all the time and hits at the same time with every key in the right hand. There are minor changes later on in the melody, but I think you can figure it out.

All the best,
~ LadyD

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