Diana Krall Does It Again with Quiet Nights!

Diana Krall at the Orpheum on May 13, 2009, in Vancouver, B.C. She was performing with the Vancouver Symphony.
Photograph by: Steve Bosch, Vancouver Sun


I'm listening to Quiet Nights, playing softly in the background, while typing... do you have a copy? I am one of Diana Krall's fans that admires this artist tremendously! I am not alone on this view point. I believe all of Canada loves Diana... Speaking of fans, you might want to visit the fan forum.


I'd like to share a great review with you by Chantal Eustace, Vancouver Sun

"Smooth-voiced jazz sensation Diana Krall brought plenty of heat to the Orpheum on Wednesday night, and her charm wasn't lost on the crowd.

For starters, the 43-year-old's latest sound is sexier than ever, drawing inspiration from Brazil and the bossa nova style, perfect for her come-hither pipes.

She has said of the music from her new album, Quiet Nights, that it's like "you're lying in bed next to your lover and whispering this in his ear."

And then there's the Nanaimo-born beauty's warmth, expressed as she punctuated songs with anecdotes and humour throughout the show.

Krall poked fun at everything from parenting — she is mother of two-year-old twins Dexter and Frank — to her marriage to Elvis Costello and being on tour during the hockey playoffs. She also spoke about growing up in B.C. And even her appreciation of the rain.

"There is no place like home," said Krall, gesturing to her sparkling red high heel shoes, a gift from her husband. "I am so happy to be home, as my shoes will explain."

Dressed in a simple black dress with her famous blond hair worn loose, she crouched at the piano, fingers dancing across the keys, her voice captivating her fans.

The concert began with the jazzy and up-tempo, I Love Being Here With You, before winding down a little with the dreamy song Let's Fall In Love.

The relatively mature audience, a mixed bag of Krall-hards seemed quietly appreciative of the music and her chatter, laughing at her banter and clapping loudly between songs.

It seems easy to enjoy crushing on the Grammy-winning star, who is most famous for her 2001 crossover hit, The Look Of Love.

Backed by talent from the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, as well as Krall's trusty musicians — including guitarist Anthony Wilson and drummer Jeff Hamilton — the charismatic singer held her own.

Especially when the tempo slowed down, as with the simmering I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face, Krall seemed in her element.

She introduced this song by saying it reminded her of Costello, later laughing about their union.

"I was the nerd at band camp who married the rock star," she said, grinning. "And I played third clarinet . . . and I had a perm."

She also spoke about her musical father, who she said, was in the audience that night.

“I grew up with a lot of music in the house,” she said, listing off early influences like Nat King Cole.

She also spoke about another important night where she was engulfed in music at the Orpheum. When she was 16 years old, she said, she saw the late jazz legend Oscar Peterson perform on that very stage.

She was so inspired by Peterson’s performance, she wrote him a 12-page letter that she never mailed. Later in her career, she said, she had the chance to play piano with him.

“I feel ill just thinking about it,” she said, smiling at the memory, before changing gears and rolling into the song, Exactly Like You, embroidered with the singer’s own unique vocal yarn.

Krall's distinctive pipes sound even better live, giving off a chilly kind of heat on songs like Walk on By.

The two-hour concert wound down with I Don't Know Enough About You, eventually getting the crowd out of their seats.

And for a very satisfying encore, Krall gave a whisper calm rendition of her biggest hit to date, The Look Of Love.

Mix all of this jazz with a cool and rainy Vancouver night? You get some serious steam.

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“It's not coy. It's not 'peel me a grape,' little girl stuff. I feel this album's very womanly--like you're lying next to your lover in bed whispering this in their ear.”
– Diana Krall


"There was no hiding how pleased Diana Krall was to be performing on home turf, Wednesday night in Vancouver." FIONA MORROW


"Lucky Vancouverites get into Krall space" Tom Harrison


I hope you get a chance to see Diana in one of her upcoming tours!

~ Diana

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