Antonio Carlos Jobim- Dindi

One of the most played and recorded songs is The Girl from Ipanema. Another all time favorite of mine, a song by Antonio Carlos Jobim - Dindi. Here is a video peerformed by Peer Neumann

Midi Sequence of Dindi:$2513

Printable Score for this progression:$2514

Dindi Motif Study:

Lyrics to Dindi by Antonio Carlos Joabim:

Sky, so vast is the sky, with far away clouds just wandering by,
Where do they go? Oh I don't know, don't know;
Wind that speaks to the leaves, telling stories that no one believes,
Stories of love belong to you and to me.

Oh, Dindi, if I only had words I would say all the beautiful
things that I see when you're with me, Oh my Dindi.
Oh Dindi, like the song of the wind in the trees, that's how my heart is
singing Dindi, Happy Dindi, When you're with me.

I love you more each day, yes I do, yes I do;
I'd let you go away, if you take me with you.

Don't you know, Dindi, I'd be running and searching for you like a river
can't find the sea, that would be me without you, my Dindi.
can't find the sea that would be me without you Dindi.

Like a river that can't find the sea, that would be me without you, my

Chord Chart:

Antonio Carlos Jobim:
Born 25 January 1927, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date of Death:
8 December 1994, New York, New York, USA
Father of composer Paulo Jobim.

Personal Quotes

"The guy who created the beat of bossa nova was João Gilberto. He appeared as a light, as a big star in the firmament, in the heavens. He became a focus, he was pulling the guitar one way and singing in the other way. It created a third thing that was profound. Brazilian music before João Gilberto had an excess of percussionists, so I think his great virtue was in taking off the excess ornaments and jewelry."

More bio can be found at:

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