If you're into gospel music, this is a must have!

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Dear Fellow Musician,

What if you could lock yourself in a room and get 4.5 hours of
ministry-focused instruction from the man behind many of your
favorite gospel albums?

Would that excite you?

Well, you're definitely in luck! Because I've found a resource
that'll uncover tons of contemporary gospel secrets from one of
the baddest gospel musicians in the industry today, Mr. Jason

You'll get the opportunity to learn flavorful approaches,
chords, movements, patterns, "licks & tricks," and real songs
from Jason White, but not only that...

You'll learn the music ministry side of things too. This isn't
just for someone who wants to steal a bunch of chords and sound
good, although you'll get dozens upon dozens of chords and will
certainly sound 10 times better after devouring this course.
This is deeper than that though.

This is for the musician who truly wants to be used by God to
usher in His presence through music. The musician who no longer
wants to be a distraction or hindrance to the service but
actually be an integral part of the worship experience.

Jason is ready to show you what he's picked up over the years as
he's had the privilege to walk closely with prominent pastors like
Bishop Charles Blake.

This is a holistic course focusing both on the creative music
side and the ministry side. You will not go wrong with it.

To learn more,
Click Here, Ministry Musician DVD

Brief description of each disc below:

Disc 1: Get an in-depth look at how to play hymns in a
contemporary way without sacrificing the melody. From "To God
Be The Glory," to "Oh How I Love Jesus," you'll learn Jason
White's way of flipping these hymns, chord by chord!

Disc 2: In the second part of this course, you'll learn what
Jason White calls "church bebop" and the "old school shuffle."
Both of these styles are found in tons of choir songs, praise
songs, and devotional music like "I'm On the Battlefield."

Disc 3: The third part of the course is all about praise and
worship. You'll learn dozens of contemporary chords to play
during this part of the service and how to alter the atmosphere
of the church by choosing your chords and progressions

Disc 4: The last part of the course covers shouting music. From
traditional patterns to modern routes, you'll learn insider
secrets behind Jason White's shouting style! Chords, licks,
fill-ins, basslines, runs, and more!

To learn more,
Click Here, Ministry Musician DVD

God bless,

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