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HearandPlay is the world’s #1 Music By Ear site on the net! If you’ve ever wanted to fulfill a life-long dream of learning piano, organ, guitar, drums, or any other instruments by ear, without reading sheet music, then look no further.

I have been a member of HearandPlay since 2006. See my profile


I am one of the moderators in the Forum. When you sign up for the musician's site, post your music questions and meet many friendly musicians!
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I've also had the opportunity to start a group, since 2006, in the zone called Camp Grandma! This is where you'll find good recipes shared and photos of family and friends posted from all around the world!


Jermaine Griggs has trained hundreds of thousands of musicians all around the world how to play their favorite instruments with his down-to-earth online music lessons, video tutorials,dvd resources, and self-study courses… and he can certainly help you too! So take the first steps and sign up for his online lessons. They’re free so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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HearandPlayZone.com is both a music learning center and a social network that allows you to enhance your musical skills while meeting thousands of musicians from around the world!

* Access tons of articles, audio, and video lessons, downloads, tools, and more.
* Browse thousands of member profiles and learn from the pros.
* Send comments, private messages, buddy mail, forum topics.
* Manage a buddy list, create and join groups, search members, and start growing
your musician network!

Stop by this interactive website that you can hear and play piano music. I used to play music by reading sheet music. Now I play and hear musical notes. I have had some ear training exercises from Jermaine's site, HearandPlay.

I have grown as a musician from learning how to play by ear with Jermaine's instructional dvds and courses. The online community is a very positive experience for me. Daily I receive warm, encouraging messages from other musicians willing to share their piano tips and experiences with one another. So, thank you Jermaine Griggs for providing the #1 online musician's community to learn how to play by ear!

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