Piano Chords

Many people know a few chords to get by with in their playing. There are only 12 major chords, 12 minor chords, 12 augmented chords, and 12 diminished chords. That makes 48. Then each one can be turned upside down (inverted) 3 times. Three times 48 is 144.

* 3 of the major chords are made of all white keys:


* 3 of the major chords are made of white keys on the
outside, with a black key in the middle:


* 3 of the major chords are like an Oreo cookie, black on
the outside, white on the inside:

Db Eb Ab

* 3 major chords, one of which is all black, one of which is white, black, black, and the other the reverse which is black, white, white.

Gb-all black B-white,black,black Bb-black,white,white

Practice playing the first 3 major chords over and over until you can move between them smoothly and quickly. Practice the next 3 major chords, then the next 3 and then the last 3. After you can play them by 3's, practice playing the first 6 without stopping. Then practice the first 9 without stopping. Then finally practice playing all 12 without stopping.

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