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We recently had a couple of raccoons visit our pond at night and the little darlings destroyed our water lillies. Their little escapade reminded me of a famous Beatle tune called, Rocky Raccoon. Another great song that I like from the 60s... and apparently my readers as well,  Let It Be.

Rocky Raccoon

Words and Music by John Lenon and Paul McCartney
© 1968, 1969 Northern Songs
From The White Album

Key:  C
Time: Moderately, in two

Intro: Am7

Now somewhere in the black mining hills out Dakota 
      D7sus                              D7
There lived a young boy name of Rocky Raccoon 
    G7                              C
And one day his woman ran off with another guy 
Hit young Rocky in the eye... 
                           Am7                 D7
Rocky didn't like that, he said, "I'm going to get that boy." 
       G7                          G                            C
So one day he walked into town and booked himself a room in the local

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Am7                  D7sus        D7
Rocky Racoon checked into his room 
G7                   C  C/B
only to find Gideon's Bible 
Am7             D7sus          D7
Rocky had come equipped with a gun 
   G7                       C C/B   
to shoot off the legs of his rival. 
    Am7                   D7sus      D7
His rival, it seems, had broken his dreams 
   G7                       C C/B
by stealing the girl of his fancy 
    Am7                      D7 
Her name was McGill, and she called herself 'Lil' 
    G7                   C C/B
But everyone knew her as Nancy. 

    Am7                  D7sus D7 
Now she and her man (who called himself Dan) 
     G7                      C C/B
Were in the next room at the hoedown 
Am7                 D7sus D7  
Rocky burst in, and grinning a grin, 
          G7                   C C/B
he said, "Danny boy, this is a showdown." 

    Am7                D7sus D7 
But Daniel was hot. He drew first and shot 
    G7       G             C C/B
and Rocky collapsed in the corner. 
Da-n-da da da-n-da da da... Am7  D7  G7  C  3x

        Am7            D7sus     D7
Now the doctor came in stinking of gin 
    G7                      C C/B
and proceeded to lie on the table. 
He said, "Rocky, you met your match." 
                  D7sus D7 
But Rockey said, "Doc, it's only a scratch. 
            G7                              G            C C/B
And I'll be better... I'll be better Doc as soon as I am able." 

    Am7                    D7
Now Rocky Raccoon, he fell back in his room 
G7                    C C/B
only to find Gideon's bible. 
Am7                        D7sus D7 
Gideon checked out, and he left it no dobt 
   G7                       C C/B
to help with good Rocky's revival. 
Oh yeah, yeah 
Da-n-da da da-n-da da da... Am7  D7  G7  C

How To Play Rocky Raccoon

Intro: A/GCG

Am7: A/GCG

D7sus: D/ACG

D7: D/ACF#





AEGC/ D, C, E, Eb, D, C, A, C

DF#C/ D, C, E, Eb, D, C, A, C

GDFB/ D, C, E, Eb, D, B, G, F#

GDFB/ F, D, B, A, G, A, B, G


EGC/ EE, then Eb
G/ DD, then CC

Have fun playing this fairly easy piece, whether on the piano or the guitar. There's a lot of block chording throughout the song and some fun riffs for the r.h. in the bridge. If you happen to be a guitar player, too... be sure and visit Hear and Play's music resource, Advanced Guitar 301

photo credit: whats up? :) via photopin (license)
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