Chords Are Shortcuts to Understanding Music

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A Chart of 7th Chords

Here are eight types of 7th chords in all keys. These include the major 7th; the major 7th with a raised 5th (+5); the dominant 7th; the dominant 7th with a flatted 5th (-5); the minor 7th; the minor/major 7th; the half-diminished 7th; and the diminished 7th, sometimes rented for easier reading.

Although a few seldom-found chords are included, the chart omits chords that are either very rare or unusually awkward in notation. I'll post more chords for you in Part Two.

C maj7 = CEGB
C maj7 (+5) = CEG#B
C7 = CEGBb
C7 (-5) = CEGbBb
Cm7 = CEbGBb
Cm maj7 = CEbGB
C half-dim7 = CEbGbBb
C dim7 = CEbGbBbb

C# maj7 = C#E#G#B#
C# maj7 (+5) = C#E#GxB#
C#7 = C#E#G#B
C#7 (-5) = C#E#GB
C#m7 = C#EG#B
C#m maj7 = C#EG#B#
C# half-dim7 = C#EGB
C# dim7 = C#EGBb

D bmaj7 = DbFAbC
Db maj7 (+5) = DbFAC
Db7 = DbFAbCb
Db7 (-5) = DbFAbbCb
Dbm7 = DbFbAbCb
Dbm maj7 = DbFbAbC
Db half-dim7 = DbFbAbbCb
Db dim7 = DbFbAbbCbb

D maj7 = DF#AC#
D maj7 (+5) = DF#A#C#
D7 = DF#AC
D7 (-5) = DF#AbC
Dm7 = DFAC
Dm maj7 = DFAC#
D half-dim7 = DFAbC
D dim7 = DFAbCb

Eb maj7 = EbG#BD#
Eb maj7 (+5) = EbGBD
Eb7 = EbGBbDb
Eb7 (-5) = EbGBbbDb
Ebm7 = EbGbBbDb
Ebm maj7 = EbGbBbD
E half-dim7 = EbGbBbbDb
E dim7 = EbGbBbbDbb

E maj7 = EG#BD#
E maj7 (+5) = EG#B#D#
E7 = EG#BD
E7 (-5) = EG#BbD
Em7 = EGBD
Em maj7 = EGBD#
E half-dim7 = EGBbD
E dim7 = EGBbDb

F maj 7 = FACE
F maj7 (=5) = FAC#E
F7 = FACEb
F7 (-5) = FACbEb
Fm7 = FAbCEb
Fm maj7 = FAbCE
F half-dim7 = FAbCbEb
F dim7 = FAbCbEbb

Piano Chords and Importance

  • Practice and remember them (memorize inversions)
  • The 3 most important chords in any song (I, IV, V)
  • Chords are shortcut to understanding music

You use them to harmonize the melody. Chords are shortcuts to understanding music. They are called chord progressions which help you to play beautiful music.

Basic Guidelines

Major, Minor, (used the most)  Augmented and Diminished (Used as transitional, used sparingly).

Major Chord = 4+3 (4 1/2 steps and 3 1/2 steps) or semi-tones.

12 major chords give a cheerful, a bright sound. Know root positions and inversion breakdowns, arrange, re-order the notes... more later.

You may want to pick up these CDs for your music learning, Chords 101 and 102

"Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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