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 With Valentine's Day approaching, this popular song that I love to hear from Diana Krall, is slow and smooth. Hope you enjoy playing this one in 4/4 time.

 Love Letters

(Theme from the Paramount Picture LOVE LETTERS)

Words by Edward Heyman
Music by Victor Young

Written in 1945
From the album, The Look of Love

Key of D, play moderately slow with expression.


D  D/C#  Bm  Gm/Bb  A7sus  A7

        D                D/C#
The sky may be starless
        Bm                Bm7/A
The night may be moonless
       G6               Em7               A7sus  A#dim7
But deep in my heart there's a glow
      Bm              D7/A
for deep in my heart
  G                     Gm6
I know that you love me
        D/A             Em7        G/A  A7 D  Ddim7  D
You love me, because you told me so

Modulate to G

 G                                              Em/G
Love letters straight from your heart
 Am/G        F#dim7/G           Gmaj7
Keep us so near while we're apart
 C#m7b5  F#7b9 F#7 Bm  Dm/A  E7
I'm not alone in the night
Am             Fdim7/A  E7/A  Am  Cm6/G  D7   
When I can have all the love you write

 G                          Em/G
I memorize every line
Am/G    F#dim7/G         G7  G7b9
I kiss the name that you sign
 Cmaj7         Am7b5           D7
And darling, then I read again
G/D   G/B        Bbdim7
Right from the start
 Am7           C/D                D7b9(13)  G6  Bbdim7  Am7  D9sus D7
Love letters straight from your heart

Repeat from Key of G


 Am7            C/D             D7b9(13)  G6  C6/G  G6
Love letters straight from your heart

 Chord Breakdown (Slash Chords)


L.H. / R.H.


D/F#A           The sky may be
C#/DF#A       starless, the
B/DF#B         night may be
A/DF#A        moonless, but
G/BDE          deep in my
E/BDA          heart there's a 
A/GDE          glow
A#dim7         for
B/F#BD         deep in my
AF#/CDA      heart I
GD/BDA       know that you
GE/BbDF#    love me, You
AF#/ADA     love me be-
EB/GDF#      cause you
A/GBD          told
A/AC#           me
D/F#AD         so!


G/ABD          Love letters
G/GBD          straight
GD/F#BD      from your
GBE/GBE      heart
GE/AC           keep us so
GF#/CEbA     near while a-
GF#/BDF#B  part
C#G/BE         I'm not a-
F#G/A#EA#   lone in the 
B/DF#D          night
AE/CE            when I can
AF/BDG#       have all the 
A/CEC            love you
G/CEbA          write.
G/ABD            I mem-o-
G/GBD            rize
GD/F#BD       ev'ry
GE/GBE         line
GE/AC            I kiss the
GF#/CEbA      name that you
GF/BDFB        sign
CG/CEB          and darling,
A/EbGD          then I red a-
D/DAC            gain
D/GB               right
B/GDA           from the
Bb/GC#F#      start
A/GCE            love letters
D/CEG            straight
D/CEGA         from
D/EbF#B         your
G/BDEG         heart

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