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In 1954, words and music were written to the song, A Blossom Fell by Howard Barnes, 
Harold Cornelius and Dominic John. It was recorded by Nat "King" Cole in 1955. 
A Blossom Fell (Key of Bb) 
Play slowly with 4/4 time signature


Bb/F  Edim7  Bb/F  A/E  Bb/F  F/A  Eb/G  Dm/F

Eb6  E13 F13


          Bb6       Bdim7  Cm7  F7
A blossom fell from off a tree;

    Cm7    F7                     F7#5      Bb        
It settled softly on the lips you turned to me.

                   Bb/D Dbdim7 Cm F7
The gypsies say, and I know why, 
           Cm7     F7 F7#5 Bb6 Bdim7      F7/C 
 A falling blossom only touches lips that lie.

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/n/nat_king_cole/a_blossom_fell_crd.html ]
  F7      Bb6       Bdim7 Cm7 F7
A blossom fell, and very soon

  Cm7     F7                     F7#5     Bb
I saw you kissing someone new beneath the moon.

  Bb7#5       Eb                        Bb/D          
I thought you loved me;    you said you loved me,

             Cm7 F7             Bbdim7 Bb
We planned together   to dream forever,

    Bb7#5     Eb             Ebm       Bb/D Dbdim7
The dream has ended,     for true love died

            Cm7     Bdim7    F7/C        F7        Bb Ebm/Bb Bb
The night a blossom fell and touched two lips that lied.

 Slash Chords for The Song

L.H. / R.H.

Bb6 = Bb/BbDG
Bdim7 = B/AbF
Cm7 = C/CEbG
F7 = A/CEbG
Cm7 = C/BbG
F7 = F/AA
F7#5 = FEb/AA
Bb = Bb/DBb
Bb/D = D/BbF
Dbdim7 = Db/BbEA
Cm = C/EbG
F7 = F/AEbG
Cm7 = C/BbEbBb
F7 = F/AEb
F7#5 = F/C#FA

Bb6 = Bb/BbDG
Bdim7 = B/AG
F7/C = C/AEbF
F7 = FEb/AF
Bb6 = Bb/BbDG
Bdim7 = B/AbF
Cm7 = C/CEBG
F7 = A/CEbG
Cm7 = C/BbG
F7 = F/AA
F7#5 = FEb/C#G

Bb = Bb/DD
Bb7#5 = BbAb/DF#D
Eb = Eb/EbGD
Bb/D = D/DFC
Cm7 = C/BbEbBb
F7 = A/AEbA
Bbdim7 = Bb/BbC#G
Bb = BbF/BbDF
Bb7#5 = BbAb/DF#D
Eb = Eb/EbGD
Ebm = Eb/EbGbD

Bb/D = D/BbFBb
Dbdim7 = Db/BbEBb
Cm7 = C/BbEbG
Bdim7 = B/AbDG
F7/C = C/AEbG
F7 = F/EbAC
Bb = BbF/DFBb
Ebm/Bb = BbGb/EbBbD

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