Monday Music Quote: Scott Joplin

portrait of Scott Joplin
portrait of Scott Joplin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Don't play this piece fast. It is never right to play ragtime fast.”
-- Scott Joplin









Monday Music Quote: Scott Joplin

  Turn the other way and do the "Slow drag"/ Now take your lady to the world's fair . . ./ And do the "rag time dance."”

Joplin sure could play a mean piano! He influenced the world with the ragtime genre.

Important Facts to Know About Scott Joplin

Born: 1868 in the U.S.
Died : 1917
Period of Music: Contemporary
Instruments He Played: piano, guitar, bugle
Major Compositions:
Opera - Treemonisha
Interesting facts: Scott Joplin was given free piano lessons by his first teacher. He is considered the greatest ragtime composer.

Chords to The Entertainer

D          D7    G
Now the curtain is going up,
          D          A7     D
The entertainer is taking a bow,
                        D7         G
Does his dance step and sings his song,
      E7                       A7  G  A7
Even gets all the audience to sing along,
         D              D7      G
Yes, he knows just what he must do,
              D              A7             D
Knows how to bring down the house when he’s through,
                   D7                  G           Gm
Snappy patter and jokes, he knows what pleases the folks,
          D           A7          D
The entertainer, the star of the show.

It was in vaudeville and he was on the bill,
              G                 Gm           D
With all the singers, dancers, acrobats and clowns,

There was a dancing bear, even a dog act there,
         A          E7            A
And a comedian who never let ‘em down,
          D                     D7
But, when he came on to do his fav’rite song,
          G                Gm              D  D7
He really wowed ‘em in the cities and the towns,
                G        Ab              D
They came from near and far, to see the vaudeville star,
    E7   A7  D
The entertainer! 
"The Entertainer" sheet music cover
"The Entertainer" sheet music cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right Hand Single Notes

Key of C,  4/4 Time Signature

Measure 1                                2                                     3                                   4
D, D#                         E, C, E, C, E, C                  C, D, D#                    E, C, D, E, B, D

Measure 5                               6                                      7                                     8
C, D, D#                    E, C, E, C, E, C                   C, A, G                      F#, A, C, E, D, C, A

Measure 9                             10                                     11                                    12
D, D, D#                    E, C, E, C, E, C                    C, D, D#                   E, C, D, E, B, D

Measure 13                           14                                     15                                     16
C, C, D                       E, C, D, E, C, D, C              E, C, D, E, C, D, C    E, C, D, E, B, D

Measure 17

Free Download:
Free Sheet Music

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A First Book of Ragtime: 24 Arrangements for the Beginning Pianist
American Classics: Scott Joplin - Rags & Waltzes

Have you played  Joplin's waltzes and ragtime piano piece?

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