Learn to Play Pink Panther

Pink Panther

It seems everyone wants to play The Pink Panther! Written in 1964 by Henry Mancini, it remains an all-time great! It should be played moderately slow and mysterious with a swing rhythm. I couldn't find a free piano chord chart online but here are a few resources that may help. I will add my own chords on this post in hopes that it will be somewhat helpful to you.

If you read sheet music, here are a few riffs from the song.

Or if your familiar with finger style on the guitar, here is the guitar tab.

  • Pink Panther Chords
Em = EB

C7 = CG

Em = EB/E

C7 = CG/Bb

Em = EB?E

F7 =  FC/Eb

Em = EB/E

C7 = CG/Bb

Em = EB/G

C = CG/G

Em = EB/G

C9 = EBbD/Bb

Em = E/GBE

F9 = AEbG/Eb

Em = E/GBE

C9 = EBbD/Bb

C9 = EBbD/DEBb

Em = EGB/G

Em6 = EGC#/E

Em = EGB


C6 = A/E

C7 = CEBb

C6 = CEA


Em = EGB

Em6 = EGC#

Em = EGC


Gb = DbGbBb


Gb = DbGbBb


  • Bass Riffs (L.H.)
C#G# - DA - D#A# - EB (walk up)

EbBb - DA - DbAb - CG (walk down)

Before the F7, play DA - D#A# - EB - FC

  • R.H. Riffs (single notes)
D#, E, F#, G, A#, B, D#, E, F#, G, A#, B

D#, E, F#, G, A, Bb, D#, E, F#, G, A, Bb

D#, E, F#, G, C, B, G, B, E, Eb

D#, E, F#, G, C, B, E, G, B, Bb, A, G, E, D, E

E, D, B, A, G, E, Bb, A, Bb, A, Bb, A, G, E, D, E

G, E, D, E
  • Some R.H. Chords
F#A#D#, GBD, A#D#F#, BEG

  • Triplets (R.H.)
GAB - BbAAb - GEEb - DEbE - GBbD

EGA - A#BE - EbDDb - CAAb - GAbA

BbAAb - GF#F - E

GED - EEE (close the song with)

Have fun!
Ultimate Pink Panther

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All the best,

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