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I had read the following article in one of my music magazines and have always enjoyed the sounds of The Bee Gees. Do you have a favorite song? Here's a list of the top ten songs, with article following:

1. Stay-in' Alive
2. To Love Somebody
3. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
4. Night Fever
5. How Deep Is Your Love
6. Emotion
7. Jive Talkin
8. More Than A Woman
9. I Started A Joke
10. Islands in the Stream

The Bee Gees are the Brothers Gibb, and individually they are barry Gibb and his fraternal twin brothers, Maurice and Robin. Born in Manchester, England, they made their first public appearance in their hometown's amateur talent show at the respective ages of nine and seven.

In 1958 the Gibb family emigrated to Australia where they settled in Brisbane. The boys' flair for pop music flourished in its new setting, and a few spot appearance on radio and TV eventually won them their own weekly TV series. The songs they were singing particularly emphasized both melody and lyrics, and today those same qualities have become trademarks of their work.

Australia based Festival Records signed the Brothers Gibb and released their first single, "Three Kisses of Love," in 1963. By 1965 The bee Gees were the hottest group in the country. In 1967 they decided to expand their reputation internationally and they returned to England. During this period two new members joined their group - a drummer, Colin Petersen, and a rock guitarist, Vince Malouney. Their United Kingdom debut at the at the Saville Theater was a sellout. They followed up this appearance with performances throughout Europe and the United States, and their record sales moved into the multimillion bracket.

In 1969 the group broke up. Success had come quickly and had complicated their lives. Looking back at that period Barry recalled,"There was a time when I could walk out the front door and every car to the end of the street was mine."

After fifteen months of individual growth, the brothers re-united. "We had to get back together," said Maurice, "because the formula was between the three of us."

Today, with gold and platinum albums like Main Course and Saturday Night Fever to their credit, The Bee Gees are firmly established as one of our top pop groups, and they appreciate their success all the more for knowing they've tried the alternatives. They joke now about their growth. When Maurice was asked what had changed the most in their twenty years as a group, he replied, "... me losing my hair."

"It must be a drag to be a solo artist," Barry added, "because no one knows what it feels like except you. The three of us can celebrate success together."

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (Chords)

Verse 1

[E] I can think of younger days, [Emaj7] when living for my life was
[F#m] everything a man could want to [E] do.
[G#7] I could never see [C#m] tomorrow, but [F#7] I was never told 
[B7] about the sorrow.


And, [Emaj7] how can you mend a broken heart, [F#m] how can you
stop the rain from falling down.
[A] How can you [B7] stop, the [A] sun from [B7] shining,
[F#m] What makes the [B7] world go [E] round.
[Emaj7] How can you mend this broken man, [F#m] How can a loser ever win.
Please [A] help me [B7] mend my [A] broken [B7] , [F#m] and let me [B7] live
[E] again,   [Emaj7]  [E]

Verse 2:

[E] I can still feel the breeze, [Emaj7] that rustles through the trees.
[F#m] and misty memories of day's gone [E] by.
[G#7] We could never see [C#m] tomorrow, [F#7] no one said a word<
[B7] about the sorrow.

Repeat Chorus:

Solo:    [Emaj7]  [E]

Repeat Chorus:

All the best,

"Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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