Learn To Play Love Said Goodbye

 Do you remember the Theme from the Paramount Picture "The Godfather Part II" Love Said Goodbye? Here's the song on video performed by an artist with a softer side that I really like.

The song was written in 1974 with words by Larry Kusik and music by Nino Rota. It's written in the Key of E minor with 4/4 time signature, played rather slowly. You can download the music for free at, http://www.wikifonia.org/node/10509

The song goes something like this:



          How cold, the
*Em    wind that whispers
Am6  you are
Em     gone; How sad, the rain that cries your
AM6  name at
B       dawn. Where is the
A       laugh
Am7  ter that
D7sus we
D7      once
G        knew?
C        Had I but
F        reached, would I
B7     still have (CODA)
Em    you? Seeker of dreams was
E7     I. then I
Am    lost my way; keeper of
Bm7(b5) hope that promised
E7     love for another
Am    day How did it
F#7    all slip
B7(sus)  way? B7*



Here I am... playing the exact same chords on my old acoustic piano that my mother gave me when I was a child, that I am sharing with you here in this post. You can hear the sad E minor sound with your ear. Are there other similar songs you have played that remind you of a heavy heart?

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"Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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