Monday Music Quote: Chinese Proverb

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
-- Chinese Proverb 
 Happy Chinese New Year! Over at Hear and Play, they offer a singing course called Vocal Mastery System (affiliate link). I believe it is the only one that has to do with voice instruction. All the other dvd and cd music resources are geared for playing the piano by ear or for guitar and drums.

With Valentine's Day approaching, I have tons of Jazz standard songs to share from my book, so I thought I would start early.

The Best Jazz Standards Ever (The Best Ever Series)

Isn't It Romantic? 
from the Paramount Picture Love Me Tonight
Words by Lorenz Hart and Music by Richard Rodgers 

            Ab     Abm         Eb/G
I've never met you, yet never doubt, dear;
Gbdim       Fm7    Bb7#5             Ebmaj7
I can't forget you, I've thought you out, dear.
            Ab           Bb7               Eb/G
I know your profile and I know the way you kiss,
C7                Fm7                  Eb
just the things I miss on a night like this.
               Ab    Abm       Eb/G
If dreams are made of imagination
Gbdim7    Fm7     Bb7#5     Ebmaj7
I'm not afraid of my own creation.
            Ab                 Bb7             Eb/G
With all my heart, my heart is here for you to take.
Adim         Bb7   Eb6  F7  Bb7
Why should I quake? I'm not awake.
Isn't it romantic?
Bb7                   Eb     Bb7#5      Eb
Music in the night, a dream that can be heard.
Bb7         Eb
Isn't it romantic?
Bb7                       Eb          C7#5 C7
Moving shadows write the oldest magic word.
Fm C7 Fm Bb7       G7           G7#5    Cm  Eb7/Bb
I hear the breezes playing in the trees above
Ab  C7/G Fm            Bb7 Bdim7 Cm    F9       Bbdim7
while all the world is saying you were meant for love.
Bb7          Eb 
Isn't it romantic
Bb7                   Eb      Bb7#5    Eb
merely to be young on such a night as this?
Bb7       Eb
Isn't it romantic?
Bb7                       Eb             C7#5 C7
Every note that's sung is like a lover's kiss.
Fm C7 Fm Bb7         G7
Sweet symbols in the moonlight,
Cm    Cm/Bb      Cm/A   Abm6    Eb/G   Edim7  Bb7
do you mean that I will fall in love per chance?
         Eb  Abm6  Eb6
Isn't it romance?

"Jazz washes away the dust of every day life." -- Art Blakey
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