Kindergarten Music: Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Many of you know that I have been teaching piano for over 15 years and that I've played on various worship teams for over 30 years. Maybe you haven't heard but I'm also a kindergarten music teacher. I love working with the 5 year old's and back in September we talked about "What is music?"

Music is like reading a book,  not with words but with notes. We hear music on the radio, with orchestras, CDs and a band. "Even birds tweet music," a 5 year old boy said.

Music has rhythm. Sometimes we play fast or slow and other times soft or loud. We practice clapping the rhythm to notes. Our class has learned what the name of the notes are and how many beats they receive.

Quarter Note = 1 count
Half Note = 2 counts
Dotted Half - 3 counts
Whole Note = 4 counts
Eighth Note = 1/2 count

So, in our rhythm box we have sticks, bells, rain stick, triangles and a tambourine.

I wrote an article awhile back. Here it is:

Being a kindergarten music teacher for one hour sure goes fast. It is so much fun and truly rewarding. There is lots of work in preparing for the upcoming day each week. The children look forward to our time of being together, learning all about music.

I usually begin the rhythm and music class with a type of story-telling gesture. I say. "Good morning class." The response is usually a typical reply, "Good morning Mrs. Rogers." When I tell them I'm going to step outside and come back in with my teacher face on and try it again, that's when I know I have their attention and cooperation. Children are so flexible when you change the variables and come back in with a quiet greeting, or a loud one. They will definitely copy you with their response most enthusiastically!

Then I proceed with the following talking points:

1. What Is Music?
2. What Is Rhythm?

I begin by explaining that music is like reading notes not letters. We talk about music being on the radio and a CD. You hear music in bands and orchestras. One boy wanted to add to the discussion that he hears music when the birds sing, while another little girl added that her Dad plays music on the TV.

After awhile, we introduce that music is like your heart beating and that some notes are played slower than others. It is at this point that I go over to the piano or keyboard and play a few songs that the children are familiar with that are examples of a slow song, like Away In The Manger. We move on to fast songs such as Pop! Goes the Weasel and Yankee Doodle. Then we march in a circle to The Wheels on the Bus. There are tons of children's songs available for your use.

It is at this point that I begin to talk in-depth about teaching young people the music notes. We name the notes, talk about how many beats correspond to that particular note and then we practice clapping.

So, within the first part of the hour, the kids have some introduction to a Quarter Note, being a black note that receives one count. Then, we have the Half Note, being a white note that receives 2 beats. The children learn patience in pausing and holding a note for a longer count. Finally, we move on to the whole note that is held 4 counts.

We review by clapping. Then we go into the rhythm box and pullout the sticks. The class learns to click the beats with the rhythm sticks to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Again, there are so many great songs to choose from. If we have time, we move on to other rhythm instruments.

Towards the end of the hour, I enjoy introducing the children to a music game. We played "I Spy The Whole Note" with pretend magnifying glasses. I like to place flash cards around the room and have the children close their eyes. On the count of three, the flash cards are turned over, with eyes opened the kids begin their search for what a whole note looks like. It's fun to teach at a kindergarten music class.

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 If you're interested in early childhood resources for your children, nieces and nephews, be sure and check the tab above for some free sites that have great information.

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